My name is Taylor. I'm a 20 year old Taurus and daydreamer from the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

I love opshopping (thrifting), getting new tattoos, going to vintage markets, eating good food with my boyfriend, taking afternoon naps with my dog and I'm a wee-bit of a bookworm. I'm completely fascinated by ancient history, feminist theory, Gnosticism, the occult and the macabre.

Onyx-Eye was created as a reflection and expression of my personal style, feelings and inspiration. My style is an organic extension & overflow of myself, an external manifestation of my brain. To see what's currently inspiring me, head over to my Pinterest or Tumblr.
I endorse and encourage sustainable fashion and the second-hand fashion culture mostly because I carry a lot of guilt about the amount of textile waste that the human race produces, I also op-shop because I feel that the items are more unique, more timeless and vastly more affordable that what is on the current Australian market. If you have any further questions, or feel like having a chat, hit me up through Instagram, Tumblr or via E-mail!