Friday, 27 February 2015

072 - I'm in Your Mind Fuzz

Wearing: Miracle Eye bellbottoms, Vintage camisole, Silence & Noise bralette, Assorted jewellery is vintage/thrifted, from India or Inspired Tribe

It's the night before I leave to go on a road-trip to visit family with my Mum, and I'm desperate to get something on to my blog to fill the Taylor sized void that's currently here. I'm in the midst of a severe head cold, and I'm scared I have contracted conjunctivitis (we shall find out in the morning if I am being a hypochondriac or not.) I'm in a weird frame of mind and I just wanted to type aimlessly. There's really not too much sense or reasoning to this post. So here goes:
  • To be honest, I felt my Eye of Horus body sticker justified this entire outfit, thus creating this blog post.
  • I feel strange not wearing shoes and showing my feet in a blog post. Like am I the only one with a real aversion and slight disgust towards feet?
  • I'm decked out in a ridiculous amount of jewels, mostly tribal Indian stuff that I'm totally digging at the moment. But let's be real, when am I not obsessed with jewellery...
  • I kind of feel like a wanker posting these photos. You guys must know that this is staged, and for fun, and that I'm being a bit of a narcissistic poser. 
  • I've been putting the finishing decorative touches on my bedroom, and once I get my paws on a delicious kilim rug I'll have a little bedroom tour heading your way.
Apologies for the rambling craziness, but I hope y'all can appreciate a little outfit snippet that's not quite an outfit but more of a costumey bedroom haze. Ok, bye.

Friday, 6 February 2015

071 - La Fiesta Friend

Wearing: Everything vintage, Assorted rings from Inspired Tribe & MACDesigns

Today's topic of discussion: tattoos. More precisely, my latest additions. It came to my awareness that I hadn't posted or even mentioned these tattoos on my blog! My serpent tattoo that I got almost five months ago, and my more even recent Taurus constellation, which I got a little over a month ago.
My serpent was done by the incredibly talented Ben Lopez, of Alchemy Tattoo Studio in Melbourne. I have a rule with myself that I have to love a design or concept for over 12 months to even consider getting it done (I frequently break this rule but ssshh!) So towards the end of 2014 I began to ponder on what would be my next 'big' tattoo - and what sprung to mind was a serpent, but where and what was it to look like, and more importantly who would do it for me? I let it stew at the back of my mind for months, and while I was in India last year (wtf where has that time gone) snake motifs were popping out at me from everywhere and through one of my random moments of internet access I stumbled upon Ben Lopez. Maybe this was the universe's sign for me to just go for it?
Fast forward 10 months and both my boyfriend and I travelled interstate to see Ben because we we re (and still are) both crazily obsessed with his technique and style. And through Ben's wonderfully weird imagination and a few inspiration photos from me, he created the amazing beauty that's now on my bingo-wing!
And my most very recent addition to my ever-growing collection is my Taurus constellation. It was a spontaneous tattoo as the tattooist that I was keen on seeing, was having a walk-ins day (he's usually booked weeks in advance) and I convinced my mum to get her first ever tattoo done too! I was inspired by a Wild Unknown design, and had Jimmy Memento, of LDF Tattoo in Sydney, draw up a version that combined the original and also a photo of the real-deal constellation. And voila! It ended up smack bam on my other bingo wing. One word of advice, those sensitive flabby bits of your arms are not the most comfortable places to be tattooed... I much preferred getting my back done!

I hope you guys enjoyed something a little different!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Outtake: Camp Cove Swim x Dana Trippe

Photos from
As of late, Dana Trippe and her unique photography skills have me totally obsessed. Anything she produces, just seems to capture the aesthetic that I've come to love and gravitate towards. Her recent collaboration with Australian brand Camp Cove Swim has me dreamily swooning, yearning for hot asphalt, and sweating coke bottles, and breezy car rides.  A mixture of both 60s and 70s sex kitten meets beachy bombshell, this vibe makes me want to chuck on a cute cozzie and frolic in a seedy motel pool. And the blonde babe has me convinced to buy the orange floral 'kini.