Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Heavenly Homes: Laura Harwood of Fat Lama Vintage

Today I'm welcoming you to the home of Laura Harwood, owner of the Etsy store Fat Lama Vintage. Her home is an eclectic mix of tribal and cultural influences, a cocoon of warm and inviting textiles stretching from traditional kilim rugs and cushions from the Near East, to shimmering hand-crafted tapestries made by the women of Rajasthan. Mixed in with the soft ambiance of stacked books, lit candles and glowing crystals. This home is ultimately what I hope to achieve when I'm a real deal grown-up. A home that is comfortable, teetering book piles lining the walls, colours and prints clashing brilliantly, and a dog or three running at my ankles. That's the dream. 


  1. wow what a beautiful space! i really feel like you will have a home like this, isn't it funny, how we live is often just an extension of our personal style? i can really see you being happy and comfortable in a place like this :) xo


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