Sunday, 7 December 2014

069 - Draw Your Swords

Wearing: Vintage palazzo pants c/o ETTE Clothing, Urban Outfitters halter top, Edge huarache sandals, Banjara clutch from Glebe Markets, Assorted jewellery from MAC designs, Eastern Soul, Inspired Tribe, India & Vintage

We're officially a week into the final chapter of 2014. A chaotic atmosphere begins to build within these remaining few weeks, Christmas sends people into a frenzy and the New Year is looming over everyone's shoulders. My mental evaluation of the year has begun, and I find I'm weighing the positives against the negatives, assessing my achievements and my failures. The older I become, the faster time seems to fly, and the more I feel like I am a bystander in my own little life. Blink, and before you know it a week has passed in a blur of monotonous days, and my own inability to make a change within my life. Although the last year has been a learning curve in self-development and growth, I currently feel like me life is on halt due to indecisiveness and fear.
These moments of reflection have left me with a sense of detachment - a detachment that deepens with the onslaught of the festive season and brings along it's own wave of melancholia. The melancholia that engulfs my mind is always an internal observation of my own views of society. But that my friends, is a discussion for another time. 


  1. i love you and you should become a writer or the like so the whole world can enjoy your eloquent phrases. and the outfit is spot on. AND YOUR TATTOOS OMG. oh it's ulrikke btw

  2. You look gorgeous, i love this outfit - the croptop... amazing


    p.s. I love your writing, I agree with Anonymous above!

  3. You basically described the feeling I had the whole year with this blogpost. So just always remember, you are not alone. Thank you. :)

  4. beautiful outfit, and writing! you're so talented <3

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