Thursday, 6 November 2014

Heavenly Homes: Vanessa Dingwell of @HoneywoodVintage

(Photos taken from Apartment Therapy by Bridget Pizzo)

About 6 months ago I was browsing around Pinterest and stumbled upon a beautiful photo of a bedroom with billowing Spanish piano and lace shawls above a cosy, and crisp bed. A couple of clicks later I came across the entire house tour on Apartment Therapy - trusty old A.T delivering perfect homes and crushing my own interior design dreams... So as the title suggests, the home is Vanessa Dingwell's. Owner of Honeywood Vintage, an LA based eclectic vintage store specialising in ethnic and cultural designs/textiles/what not. My favourite thing about her home is the dogs. Because dogs are everything, and they're french bulldogs which is just killing my heart. LET ME SQUEEZE THEM!
No but really, my favourite thing about her home is the coziness it exudes. Her use of carefully picked cultural influences - be it early 1960s French film posters, or a traditional Japanese folding room screen - mixed in with the textural layers of creams and white, make it visually interesting whilst also fresh! And her closet room for Honeywood Vintage had be frothing, itching to see just that little bit more. Go check out her store, and the stores Instagram - and let me know what you think!
Hopefully you guys enjoyed this little Heavenly Homes installment, and maybe I'll be back soon with an outfit post or two!


  1. This is the most perfect home! Everything is so dreamy, the first photo is amazing!

  2. ahhh omg this is perfect! so in love with this house x

  3. Yes!! I love your heavenly homes instalments. This is literally my dream house x


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