Wednesday, 15 October 2014

067 - Out of the Zone

Wearing: Miracle Eye bellbottoms, Everything else is vintage

So these photos were taken sneakily on the open block next to cactus farm whilst I was on holidays last week. I went to Melbourne with my boyfriend and we ate lots of good food, got new tattoos, did a nice amount of shopping and had plenty of little afternoon naps. All in all a very decent holiday.
I've been wearing a few variations of this outfit lately. Switching out bells for a mini skirt, or the vest for a duster. Seriously, new fave outfit. And I'm a little obsessed with my combination of jewellery, and how my t-shirt and lipstick coordinate perfectly (hello OCD tendencies.) Catch y'all later!


  1. amazing outfit! love your style as always! :)

  2. this is so gorgeous, and I love the cactus setting too hehe x

  3. I love this outfit Taylor, gorgeous pairings of items as per usual! :)
    The cactus background is absolutely stunning too!


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