Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Outtake: 'I Wanna Rock Your Gypsy Soul' feat Skye Sengelmann

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Another shoot pulled from the depths of the internet, again shot by photography mastermind Amanda Leigh Smith featuring the muse Skye Senglemann. When these chick collaborate, pure magic occurs. You can just see their mutual creative juices flowing, the cultural influences of 1960s Americana blended with an authentic bohemian vibe. I took major inspiration from this shoot, for an outfit post I did a few weeks back, and I hope that you guys gain a bit of inspiration from it too!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

065 - Pacific Darkside

Wearing: Everything vintage, Assorted jewellery from Inspired Tribe, India & Gifts
  • A rather old outfit which I wore at the end of June to a Babe Rainbow Gig. I then recycled the outfit when I spent a day out in Marrickville and the city with Denis.
  • These photos don't really do my dress justice, it's an amazing glittery silver (not a textured grey cotton.) And I wish that you guys could see how freaking fantastic it is!
  • I've deferred university for a semester. I had intentions to go back and continue my study, but when the time came I just couldn't. I couldn't face another 12 weeks of boredom and stress and unhappiness. So instead, I'm working! I'm working part-time, at my local DVD rental store (which I've worked at for 3 years) and at Inspired Tribe (an Indian jewellery and giftware store).
  • Working is fun, because money is good. But I'm struggling to maintain a level of balance. If I'm not working, I'm bumming around home doing nothing. But it feels like I'm constantly busy?
    I don't know, I guess I'm becoming scared of how fast life moves when you're time is occupied. 
  • And I have officially locked in dates for a trip to Melbourne with my boyfriend, we're leaving at the end of next month for 12 days! I'm so excited to road-trip and eat amazing food, and just wander around Melbourne! Yay for mini adventures! (Also yay to new tattoos and shopping)
Happy hump day y'all. Have a sweet week, and I'll be back soon with my India pt. 2!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

INDIAN ADVENTURE: Pt. 1 Delhi & Varanasi

So here is the first part of my (very, very) overdue travel post on India. I was in India for 28 days with my boyfriend Ben, my best friend Caitlan and a mutual school mate of ours, Blake. We travelled mostly around the state of Rajasthan. We had our flights booked in September 2013, and our travel plans finalised a mere two weeks before departure. I'm not really sure on how to approach these posts; as I've got things to say about the destinations I travelled to but some experiences were just so intensely special that you just had to be there to understand. The photos are lacking because while I intended to document everything possible, I quickly became emotionally invested in seeing and exploring India in my own way. I didn't want to taint the experience of my travels by being behind the lens of a camera, I didn't want to have locals staring at me whilst I wandered around with a bulky and expensive DSLR, I didn't want to trivialise their lives with shoving an iPhone in their face. I wanted to be completely present, and just live in the moment.
For the most part, this photo series may seem like an itinerary - and it is. I hope you all get a grasp of what my trip was like, and if you have any burning questions about particular areas that I travelled to; I'd be more than happy to help.

Delhi was an intense overload of Indian life. We were in Delhi for one and a half days, and thank god for that. To be honest, it was on the more disappointing side - flying into the country of my dreams to have a dirty, chaotic and crazy city at my feet. But I'm sure with more time, and more confidence Delhi could've offered many amazing things to see!
The first few photos are of our hotel, and general location that we were staying in. The rest are then touristy shots of archaeological sites scattered throughout the city. Later that evening, the four of us experienced our very first overnight train trip. It was hectic due to language issues, and train delays, and the equivalent of lobby boys taking advantage of our naivety when it came to travelling (they were just desperate for money). The train trip went rather smoothly, we were in a first class cabin, which meant we had little bunks to sit/sleep on and a dinner service.

Varanasi was our next stop, and was the home base of the travel company that were assisting us on our adventure. We were in Varanasi for three nights, and again it was a rather confronting city to begin our adventure in. Situated along the Ganges, it's considered one of the most holiest cities within India. And you can honestly feel the religious energy that the city has created over the centuries. While it can be chaotic, life runs at a different pace. The people, through their faith, have a greater understanding of the meaning of life and death and this understanding just expressed itself through everything. 
We stayed in the area Assi Ghat, in a rather comfortable hotel (not too shabby nor too posh) and we felt that we were in a really good location. Minutes to restaurants, shops, the Ganges, and heaps of transport readily available! The photos shown below are mostly of our strolls and walks along the Ganges River. The River is the way and source of life, it's multi-purposeful and has such a peaceful nature about it! We were also so fortunate to become friends with a sweet girl whose home neighboured our hotel. We spent our final day playing cricket with her and some other local kids, talking to her about what it was like to grow up in Varanasi (her English was incredible, and her smile was so infectious) Later on that final day we went and watched a local cricket game being played by the local men & fathers, and luckily enough Benjamin and Blake got to join in! 

Hope you guys enjoyed my part 1 of my travels throughout India, drop a comment below if you'd like more details of my holiday to be mentioned in my next post! Stay tuned, part 2 will be up next week!