Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Outtake: Stylelikeu Closet Series - Minka Sicklinger

(photos/video from Stylelikeu)

Coming at you with another Stylelikeu video that has me in awe! I'd like to draw your attention to a personal favourite closet video of mine, that I've watched multiple times and I'm still not sick of, the closet of Minka Sicklinger. Minka is not new to my blog, I did a post on her a long while ago and I'm still as obsessed with her as the first day I found her (and I'm not meaning lightly obsessed like I mean full-blown obsession to the point of maybe crying if I ever got the opportunity to be tattooed by her). But yes, check out this blog post first to get a little background info on her and then power on through these photos and special little video.

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