Friday, 25 July 2014

Heavenly Homes: @Ramblinstarr

(Photos taken from Megan's Instagram account)

A good eighteen months ago I did a two part series of inspiring interiors - a random collection of photos taken from Tumblr and Pinterest all mashed together. And I absolutely loved doing those posts! Over the last year I've bookmarked and saved some homes that I've found to tick all my boxes, and I think it's maybe time to share them with you all!
So the first home I'm presenting to you is the home of Megan Starr (@Ramblinstarr) I'm not sure how I came across her Instagram, but the moment I saw it my thumb began frantically liking everything in sight, and all I could think was, "Can she be my interior decorator?!" and "How does she find all this fucking amazing stuff?!" It would take me years to collect and a decorate my own little abode with furnishings like she has.
I took my time in picking the photos above because I really wanted you to get a feel for her attention to detail. Each photo has intricate elements within it, and there are so many textural layers going on that blow my mind! I love the warm tones that are pulled together through the rugs, macrame, wicker decorations and wall art combined with the airiness of the plants and light. And the best part is that her home looks so effortless and comfortable, a reflection of the owner I suppose! 
So, if you enjoyed this post, definitely hit up Megan's IG, throw some love her way and let her know how rad her home is! Also, I'd love some feedback on this post too! Are interiors something that you love and want to see more of? Do kilim rugs and peacock chairs make your heart race? Drop me a comment, and let me know!


  1. do kilim rugs and peacock chairs make my heart race? YES. what a beautiful house... yep that's what I want my room to look like. exactly that.

  2. She is so great!! I too stumbled on her instagram and love just about everything! I love the amazing macrame hangers and the lanterns, so good. Thanks for following! Love your blog XX

  3. I mean, your whole blog makes my heart race <3 every single post, you're amazing.

  4. Great decor - just love the peacock chairs!

  5. Lilies are POISONOUS to cats and cause acute kidney failure and ultimately death.

    There are lilies shown on the table with her cat (7th pic down). I hope anyone who reads this gets this important warning!! I lost a cat to lilies before I knew. SO SAD. Please spread the word to friends and family so someone else doesn't have to go through it!

    Otherwise, a beautiful home and a great post.

  6. Sure takes me back to the 70's!!


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