Sunday, 27 July 2014

064 - You're A Mouthful

Wearing: Miracle Eye bellbottoms, Vintage jumper & boots, Bag from my sister, Assorted jewellery from markets, opshops, Eastern Soul, Inspired Tribe.

I'm a little pissed with myself for ruining my fairly good blogging streak but I've recently immersed myself in the grown-up working world and I'm just getting my balance of a work/life routine. I have got several outfits lined up over the next few weeks that'll hopefully mind-fuck you all!
Now I've been planning to make mention of an incident that occurred on Facebook a little over a month ago. It's not blogger related at all but I felt that the topics that were the focus of the conversation were relevant to my morals/beliefs, and hopefully, to your beliefs too. By no means do I condone petty arguments or disagreements over the Internet - I think it's immature and the term 'keyboard warrior' is often thrown around. I also just want to mention that I very rarely comment on status' or make my own status', so the conversation of topic was something that I felt really strongly about and that I should voice my opinion on. Especially since the status creator has a large presence and influence over teenage girls in her own church community, and I felt as a young adult with an impressionable sister (who is discovering faith too) that I was kind of obligated to provide an alternative perspective.
The incident started with a status along the lines of,
"How you dress either demands respect or invites disrespect." 
And all I could think was, what the fuck... I left it for a while, and tried to not think too heavily on it. Until the message really sunk in. What I wear demands respect or invites disrespect? Umm... NO. No, not cool honey. So I made a response,
"Sorry, but I have to disagree with this completely. The way I dress is for me, and only me, and does not demand respect from anybody. If people can enjoy my outfits and fashion sense that's great, but if the way I dress "offends" people than it is their problem and not mine. This type of perception on dressing is what perpetuates rape culture and victim shaming within sexual assault/abuse cases."
A few people responded, offered their own opinions and until the status-maker responded. Yet again, defending her viewpoint and replying with that teenage girls should feel the need nor the pressure to dress 'inappropriately' and if they were to dress in revealing clothes that they should learn to accept and face the judgement that may arise. (She later added that her status was supposed to be read from a workplace context... Something that irritates me, but I begrudgingly accept as a fact of wanting to be received well within an employment environment.) So I made a final response,
"But you're implying that showing skin is wrong - but it's not, it's completely natural! I understand that both sexes during moments of immaturity (yet also as a part of basic human nature and evolution) find that revealing clothing and bodily exposure is often the answer to garnering attention from their peers and potential love interests. But arguments like yours, are the ones that make me question why we have to hyper-sexualise people, in particular teenage girls. If the stigma was taken away from the human body (after all we all have one - lumps, bumps and all) then the topic of respect would not be contestable. A persons worth does not come from the respect of society, but through self-respect, self-acceptance and self-love - bottom line.
The post was later deleted, as if it never even existed. But to be honest, I'm kind of proud of myself for making such an educated and informed impromptu response to the argument - and all without a single word of hate and anger. Which side of the fence do you stand? Do you have any constructive criticism to add to my argument? Drop me a comment and let me know! I'd love to hear from you guys!


  1. So so so gorgeous!


  2. I couldn't agree more! I'm so fed up of people who have this point of view that women dress to please others, men in particular. If i wear shorts and a crop it really is NOT an invitation for you to shout obscenities at me and think that i'm trying to look "sexy" for you. Unfortunately we do live in a world where everything is so sexualised and it's in peoples nature to judge. Good for you for putting in your two cents. xx

  3. Love the look. Totally feel you on falling out of a blogging streak. Kinda crappy but such is life.

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