Saturday, 7 June 2014

Outtakes: Stylelikeu Closets - Scout Willis

(Photos and Video taken from Stylelikeu)
I have always been a fan of Stylelikeu, especially their videos which capture the individuality of closets and personal style, along with the unique soul behind them. So I've decided to start a little fortnightly series showing some of my favourites of Stylelikeu Closets. Stylelikeu recently garnered a lot of attention in my little online social sphere for doing a pretty cool interview with Leslie Crowe of Heyoka Leather. However, a few years ago when the site was a little smaller and less refined, I stumbled upon the closet of Scout Willis (I was completely oblivious to her Hollywood heritage) and it was love at first sight. In my eyes she was effortlessly perfect, oozing in all her vintage suave. But Scout has been in the limelight as of late, due to her protest against Instagram's misogynistic stance against the female body and how it can and should be portrayed in social media. So Scout took to the streets of New York completely topless to show how normal AND beautiful the female body is and to de-stigmatise the negative and sexual connotations of boobs. Read more here, she did a little post on why she did it. #freethenipple.
Even though this is an older interview, and I'm more than sure she has changed significantly, I still think that the insight she has into life and style is beautiful. Her organic nature and personality is infectious, and I especially love her concept of dressing; "It's not becoming different people, it's bringing out different sides of me with clothes." Definitely give the video a watch, if not head over to Stylelikeu and have a gander. 

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