Monday, 9 June 2014

Outtake: 'Forest Dreams' Lookbook by Eastern Soul

(Photos taken from Eastern Soul)

Eastern Soul is the love/brain-child of Sarah: a free spirited artisan inspired by her travels to Mother India. Through her wanderings across the globe, she identified and became inspired by the traditional jewellery designs throughout Eastern cultures and in particular within the Indian sub-continent.
I've known Sarah for a few years, having worked with her at Inspired Tribe for a few months. And before that, I knew her as the vibrant, effortlessly-cool ring lady! Through the short time of getting to know her, I was always in awe (and in admiration) of her incredibly down-to-earth nature. And now seeing her create such an organic, raw and individual online store is awesome!
Jewellery is one of my greatest passions in life, and I can honestly say that Sarah was apart of the spark that fuelled my silver ring obsession. And Eastern Soul really embodies all that I want my jewellery to be like, or to come from. All items are intricate in their detailing and thoughtfully handpicked by Sarah, each piece having the ability to tell a story from it's traditional creation yet also having the ability to transition into the life of the owner. 

"From the hands that cast them to the cultural significance of their symbolism"

This lookbook had me woozy with excitement. It was ominous, mysterious, and almost had a fairytale meets nomadic gypsy vibe going on. It made me want to head into the forest and feel squish moss between my toes. But most importantly, it sent tingles down my spine. The all to familiar urge to pack up my life, and to just leave. To leave, and head back to the Mother Land... India.
Whilst in India I was hellbent on finding the perfect Labradorite ring to add to my collection. Kind of big, kind of statement-ish, full of detail, yet still suitable for everyday wear. Unfortunately I found nothing of the sort that I loved enough, none of them were quite it. So I came home and promised myself, if the right ring came along I'd snap it up if I could. And alas, I did. Eastern Soul released a new collection, accompanying their new lookbook, and I found my dream ring. And boy do I love it! #lifeofaringaddict

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