Thursday, 19 June 2014

061 - Mother Mountain Mirage

Wearing: Velvet shorts from Miracle Eye, Vintage mirrored halter top from Shop Goddess Sea, Thrifted lace shawl, Vintage 90s platform boots from Etsy, Headpiece and necklaces from India

Once I put on any of my pieces from the current Miracle Eye collection, I find that I begin to channel a side of my personality that tends to lie dormant throughout my everyday life. I always feel slightly vulnerable wearing outfits like this, like somebody might prey upon the 'realness' of me, that maybe what I wear on a daily basis (not quite this magical) is a sham and I'm not being true to myself. But I have come to terms with this, as I know that as human beings we are all incredibly multi-faceted and for me personally, that over-commitment and lack of style exploration will invariably lead to boredom and self-destruction. The thing I love most about style variation is that it gives the opportunity to have a taste of what we admire and covet, whilst also having the opportunity to play with alter-egos. I can hide behind my locks of hair, veil myself with lipstick and lace, my jewellery becomes my armour. Through these minor details my ephemeral metamorphosis is complete.
The pieces from Miracle Eye, although new, have the ability to transform and enhance the wearers personal style - almost bringing it to a higher, kind of spiritual level. I know this may seem strange... Like, really? Clothes make you feel transcendental? But I feel this way about a lot of my clothing, some pieces (mostly the items that are hand-made, coming from quirky vintage stores, hand-me downs from friends and family or from funky smelling odd little thrift shopsI feel) have a life of their own and such history that I often find myself creating background stories for the pieces. Some of my best vintage/thrifted finds leave me thinking; did someone wear this when they met the love of their life? Did they wear it whilst on embarking on an adventure in a foreign country? Was it these pair of shoes that let someone see over an entire crowd at their favourite concert? Was it made for them by their loving Grandma, and viewed as a daggy Christmas present? 

Hope you all enjoyed by ramble, but you should totally drop me a comment and let me know if you feel the same way! What's your item of clothing that makes you feel other worldly and slightly magical? 


  1. this outfit is so beautiful! I've just spent like an hour on miracle eye, these shorts and flares are so gorgeous!

    1. thank you lena! their shorts are the most COMFORTABLE thing you will ever wear - and I mean it honestly too, they're incredible!!! xxx

  2. You are such a goddess. I tell you this daily.

  3. YES! I try explaining this to other people and they just don't grasp it- clothing transports you, sometimes making you feel like you can be a whole other person just for that day, depending on what you cloak yourself in. Each garment is something different, representing tiny parts of your personality that seek to shine through. Love this- you look stunning as always and your rambles make me happy! Love ya <3

  4. I totally get what you mean in clothes making you feel transcendental! I get the same thing when I wear something really different and striking!
    This outfit is gorgeous I love it! I've been lusting over lots of Miracle Eye stuff recently! Their trousers and shorts are to die for!


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