Monday, 30 June 2014

Outtake: Free People's 'Tangerine' Lookbook by Shae Detar

(Photos taken from the Free People blog)
“Tangerine, Tangerine, Living reflection from a dream; 
I was her love, she was my queen, And now a thousand years between.”
Led Zeppelin
I've been a long time fan of Shae Detar, and by long time I mean almost five years of adoration. I followed and read her blog obsessively in 2009/2010 and as my style adapted I kind of fell out of obsession with her. What brought back the obsession was her creative style of painted photography, especially the trippy, rainbow aura style ones. Not entirely new in the photography/art world, but her vision is entirely unique. Her collaboration with Free People almost feels like an organic path for her to follow, being able to exhibit both her photo skills and painting skills while still being able to embody the Free People aesthetic.
My heart is constantly torn over Free People. Half of me loves the femininity, the spirit, the adventure that FP represents. The other half, despises the pricing, vintage knock-offs and sometimes cliche branding that FP take on. I'm sure you all understand what I mean... But this lookbook really stood out for me as it didn't feel like an advertisement for their clothing/brand, more so just an artistic display of character. The model has a raw, down to earth, 60s love child vibe about her. The clothes are ethereal and whimsical, without being too 'costumey.' The photos remind me of an editorial from vintage National Geographic magazines. But most of all Shae Detar was able to capture the essence and nostalgia of Summer. The balmy nights, the rays of the golden hour hitting the horizon, the feeling of roads and pavement absorbing the days heat, seeing a distant floating mirage on the highway, being a lizard an soaking in the intense sun... Can you tell I miss summer? Oh well, I'll just continue to live vicariously through all of the instagrams and blogs which I follow, that are currently enjoying my favourite season.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

061 - Mother Mountain Mirage

Wearing: Velvet shorts from Miracle Eye, Vintage mirrored halter top from Shop Goddess Sea, Thrifted lace shawl, Vintage 90s platform boots from Etsy, Headpiece and necklaces from India

Once I put on any of my pieces from the current Miracle Eye collection, I find that I begin to channel a side of my personality that tends to lie dormant throughout my everyday life. I always feel slightly vulnerable wearing outfits like this, like somebody might prey upon the 'realness' of me, that maybe what I wear on a daily basis (not quite this magical) is a sham and I'm not being true to myself. But I have come to terms with this, as I know that as human beings we are all incredibly multi-faceted and for me personally, that over-commitment and lack of style exploration will invariably lead to boredom and self-destruction. The thing I love most about style variation is that it gives the opportunity to have a taste of what we admire and covet, whilst also having the opportunity to play with alter-egos. I can hide behind my locks of hair, veil myself with lipstick and lace, my jewellery becomes my armour. Through these minor details my ephemeral metamorphosis is complete.
The pieces from Miracle Eye, although new, have the ability to transform and enhance the wearers personal style - almost bringing it to a higher, kind of spiritual level. I know this may seem strange... Like, really? Clothes make you feel transcendental? But I feel this way about a lot of my clothing, some pieces (mostly the items that are hand-made, coming from quirky vintage stores, hand-me downs from friends and family or from funky smelling odd little thrift shopsI feel) have a life of their own and such history that I often find myself creating background stories for the pieces. Some of my best vintage/thrifted finds leave me thinking; did someone wear this when they met the love of their life? Did they wear it whilst on embarking on an adventure in a foreign country? Was it these pair of shoes that let someone see over an entire crowd at their favourite concert? Was it made for them by their loving Grandma, and viewed as a daggy Christmas present? 

Hope you all enjoyed by ramble, but you should totally drop me a comment and let me know if you feel the same way! What's your item of clothing that makes you feel other worldly and slightly magical? 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Outtake: 'The Kharma Bums' Lookbook by Sugarhigh + Lovestoned

(Photos taken from the sugarhigh + lovestoned blog)
"Welcome to the dollhouse... Whether you drink kombucha on tap, or sip diet cokes through a straw- you're one of us. All we ask is that you leave your worries at the gate, you can pick them up on your way out. Channel your inner lonely poet, your lovestoned-love maker, your sweet-toothed sugar mama and get on the bus, Gus. It's going to be one wild summer, make sure your ready for your own rock'n'roll fantasy in our Summer velvets because they were made for steaming up the windows of the back seat. May your summer be filled with stolen glances, wet french kisses, starry nights & hazy summer daze..."
Sugarhigh + Lovestoned have come out with yet another incredible lookbook, again romanticising the golden era of the late 1960s and 1970s. They're beginning to really master the film/kodachrome aesthetic, and I particularly adore the model profiling which really adds a background story to these photos. And as always, the #1 reason why I'm obsessed with S+L and their lookbooks: velvet, velvet, velvet (oh, and bell-bottoms too!) 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

060 - From Far Away

Wearing: Everything thrifted, Assorted jewellery from eBay/Etsy/Inspired Tribe

A bit more of a relaxed (scruffy) outfit going on today,  I have been wearing this outfit constantly - switching it up with my birkenstocks and denim jackets and different varieties of bags depending on where I am headed. So lately I've been making a decent effort over the last fortnight to be more present on my blog, to remember to photograph outfits and to keep a backlog of 'Outtake' posts ready to be uploaded in between. Looking back at my unintentional blogging break over the last three months I noticed a pattern, and I've come to the realisation of why I was struggling to blog, and connect with my audience.
I've been having issues with my style identity.
Not that my entire being revolves around my style, but it definitely plays a significant role on how I feel and how I want to present myself to society and my peers. I never claim that my style is independent of inspiration - I'm addicted to sourcing inspiration that further fuels my imagination - but my style is definitely unique. Unique, because it's mine!
Of course, I borrow styling ideas from everywhere (after all nothing in this existence is original, everything that is seen has come from somewhere) and in this age of fast fashion, I felt that my integrity was being robbed by the masses. Oh so dramatic, but oh so true. Everything that I had loved, and worked so hard on developing to be uniquely me was becoming 'trendy' and 'cool'. Prints and garments that I spent hours searching through thrift stores or Etsy, are being produced by the second in unethical factories for people who essentially have no concept for the history behind these pieces.
In my eyes, Coachella is one of the biggest instigators of my fashion identity crisis. It seemed to me that as soon as the festival season comes around vintage inspired clothes and accessories become all the rage and are instantly popular, yet people are only wearing it for the hype of 'festival fashion'. The prime example that absolutely pains me, is to see traditional jewellery designs from India, Turkey, Pakistan Nepal, Thailand, and regional Native American tribes be mass produced for the sake of being 'hippie' or 'boho' or 'gypsy.' IT JUST MAKES ME SO ANNOYED. (Not to mention that the connotation and origin of 'gypsy' is essentially a racial slur.)
But at the end of the day, I have to put these thoughts aside and just remember, that I am unique and special in my own way - and the people that are emulating these styles are also unique and special individuals who do not have any malicious intent and are probably blissfully oblivious to what they are doing. I could rant about this for days but I really don't want to put you guys off from reading my blog. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone who's read this. It was not written with the intention of hurting anyones feelings, but it's just something that kept rolling around in my mind and I just needed to get it out. Happy Hump day y'all.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Outtake: 'Forest Dreams' Lookbook by Eastern Soul

(Photos taken from Eastern Soul)

Eastern Soul is the love/brain-child of Sarah: a free spirited artisan inspired by her travels to Mother India. Through her wanderings across the globe, she identified and became inspired by the traditional jewellery designs throughout Eastern cultures and in particular within the Indian sub-continent.
I've known Sarah for a few years, having worked with her at Inspired Tribe for a few months. And before that, I knew her as the vibrant, effortlessly-cool ring lady! Through the short time of getting to know her, I was always in awe (and in admiration) of her incredibly down-to-earth nature. And now seeing her create such an organic, raw and individual online store is awesome!
Jewellery is one of my greatest passions in life, and I can honestly say that Sarah was apart of the spark that fuelled my silver ring obsession. And Eastern Soul really embodies all that I want my jewellery to be like, or to come from. All items are intricate in their detailing and thoughtfully handpicked by Sarah, each piece having the ability to tell a story from it's traditional creation yet also having the ability to transition into the life of the owner. 

"From the hands that cast them to the cultural significance of their symbolism"

This lookbook had me woozy with excitement. It was ominous, mysterious, and almost had a fairytale meets nomadic gypsy vibe going on. It made me want to head into the forest and feel squish moss between my toes. But most importantly, it sent tingles down my spine. The all to familiar urge to pack up my life, and to just leave. To leave, and head back to the Mother Land... India.
Whilst in India I was hellbent on finding the perfect Labradorite ring to add to my collection. Kind of big, kind of statement-ish, full of detail, yet still suitable for everyday wear. Unfortunately I found nothing of the sort that I loved enough, none of them were quite it. So I came home and promised myself, if the right ring came along I'd snap it up if I could. And alas, I did. Eastern Soul released a new collection, accompanying their new lookbook, and I found my dream ring. And boy do I love it! #lifeofaringaddict