Saturday, 24 May 2014

Outtake: 'Rapine' by Ellen Rogers

I've always been interested by the visual imagery and technique of Ellen Rogers and the photography she creates. All shot in analogue, mostly because she prefers the organic nature and textural appearance that it produces, her photos all have this haunted, lived in feeling. The eerie vibe that often manifests, is captured beautifully in this set of photos.
The eeriness is seen through the use of the muse, who is ethereal and other-worldly, and not to mention her soulful eyes that look almost possessed. These photos also remind me of the Vaudeville carnival era, expressed through the nudity, the use of exotic ethnic tribal adornment that really fetishises the muse and the almost invasive nature of photography - kind of clinical yet perceptive? I may be looking too deeply in to it, but I'm just in awe of these mystical photos and the story that it tells... So, what do you think of Ellen Rogers? Have you seen her other work?

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