Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Outtake: The Home of EarthAge (Three Arrows Leather)

(Photos taken from Earth Age)

I've recently have become quite addicted to Pinterest, it's form of inspiration, anonymity and organisation got me hooked instantly. People just make boards and boards of stuff that they like, with the occasional theme thrown in there for good measure. I follow a variety of pin boards, my personal favourites being interiors/home furnishings - especially ones of current real life people-living-in-them homes. I stumbled upon the final photo and instantly became obsessed. I was linked to From Moon to Moon (a long standing favourite blog of all time) and then from there it was back to Tumblr. Dissapointment ensued. With a quick tap of a few keys I was googling how to find the direct source/original source of photos that I love so I could find more about the people behind these magnificent homes. Alas I was directed to a very old post from one of my very favourite blogs.
Earth Age is run by the beautiful mind behind Three Arrows Leather - Sessann Orne. And while I'm sure this is not the most accurate depiction of her home nowadays (considering she lives in a self-sufficient earthship home in New Mexico with her boyfriend and family of animals) I still love the small inspiration decorating details that these photos give. From the soft-lived in textures of crochet, fur, lace and macrame that bring warmth and coziness. To the beautiful south-western ornaments scattered throughout that hint towards eras and generations long gone. I'm especially loving the contrast of stages of life seen through the skulls, the cacti and plant life, the feathers etc. Almost an eternal recycling of earthly goods? I dunno, maybe I'm reading between the lines a little too much.. But yes, definitely go check this blog out. It may be infrequently used but I'm still one to go back to my favourite blogs and re-read my favourite posts.


  1. haha...pinterest is such an addiction for me too..I spend hours pining and pining some more.. great pics!
    Thanks for sharing the scoop on that blog, I'll check it out!


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