Sunday, 27 April 2014

Outtake: 'Gold Dust Woman' Lookbook by Flight of Fancy

(Photos taken from Amanda Leigh Smith's Blog)

Anything that involves the collaborative efforts of photographer, Amanda Leigh Smith and stylist, Tashina Hill has me giddy like a little school girl. Whenever this dynamic duo meet (which, lets be honest, is all the time) I'm head over heels in love with the consistent themes that they capture so PERFECTLY. You know the themes I'm hooked on; nostalgic southwestern cabin adventures meets bohemian sixties prismatic groupie. So duh, this Flight of Fancy lookbook would be right up my alley. Flight of Fancy is a quaint little organic brand that speaks right to my jewellery adornment fetish - my only qualm is that they don't really stock all that many silver pieces (I only ever wear silver) But i'm in love with their use of raw crystals and dainty little fairy crowns! What do you guys think of this lookbook? 


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