Monday, 31 March 2014

055 - Wild Cat

Wearing: Vintage skirt, top, boots, bag & hat, eBay concho hat band, Assorted jewellery (vintage/India)

I took these photos a little while ago and have been meaning to edit and post them but life has been crazily busy, my internet at home as been wiped out due to an electrical storm over two weeks ago (it's getting fixed tomorrow hopefully) and I've been very stressed with assignment deadlines at Uni. Such is life I suppose..


  1. love your style girl!
    ...don't get so stressed...really... try to do one thing at a time and send stress away... it's the worse...whenever you feel overwhelmed with work just take a break, listen to your favorite songs, go smoke a cigarette or whatevs... don't let anxiety and stress pile up inside your body and brain...good luck!

    1. thank you for the advice girl! it's so easy to get wrapped up in the daily stresses... xo

  2. You look gorgeous, I seriously love your style!



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