Saturday, 1 March 2014

053 - Long Haired Freaky People

Wearing: White lace bellbottoms c/o Nine Lives Bazaar, Vintage Harley Davidson t shirt, velvet jacket & boots, Custom designed bag from India, Assorted Jewellery from India/Markets/Inspired Tribe

Alas, I have returned safely from my travels in India and I'm back to reality; a reality which involves me, temporarily, testing out being a brunette. These photos were taken today whilst I was out with Denis in Newtown, having a spot of shopping and lunch in between the blustery rain that Sydney is currently delivering us. Also, within the next few days I'll be starting a three part series on my adventures in India. I'll be sharing my photos, my experiences and my stories. I promise to try and keep it succinct as possible, but we all know that's not going to happen. If you have any questions, or want to know something specific please feel free to drop me a comment either down below, or via Instagram, and I will try and answer it within one of the upcoming posts.
India was above and beyond anything I've ever experienced in my entire life - the people, the places, the food, the culture, the colour... A complete sensory overload. All these things have my heart aching to be back in a country so full of spirit, vibrance, peace, and chaos. A place where time moves on its own plane, and to live means something different entirely. India has most definitely stolen my heart.


  1. You look gorgeous, I seriously love your style! I'm really excited to see your India adventures, I would love to go someday myself!


  2. Dude, you look awesome! Love everything about this look,.especially the pants and bag, trés original!
    ...wish i can visit day too, it's my 2015 resolution.
    Take care!

  3. don't keep it succinct, wrote and show photos of everything!

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