Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Outtake: 'Run Through The Desert' Lookbook by Backbite

(Photos taken from Backbite)

Backbite is the latest creation coming straight from my favourite desert dwellers, lizard queens and beach rats of Los Angeles. The women behind the brand, have been my major source of inspiration for near on two years - constantly blowing me away with their innovativeness, their rawness, and just the way the are. 
This lookbook is quite honestly the epitome of all five womens creative, collective vision. I'm completely obsessed with the desert roaming psychedelic vibes. Somebody pass the peyote and play Spiritualized to me please. 


  1. i love this!
    i follow Selena from a while and i really love her style

  2. this is amazing! definitely your style, so perfect xx

    i also have a big beauty giveaway on my blog/instagram, its worldwide and easy to enter, check it out if you'd like! xx


  3. I am in love with their lookbook and these ladies too, seriously such a giant source of inspiration.

  4. so incredibly humbled and grateful for your support. we all LOVE you!


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