Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Outtake: 'Jamul' by Neil Krug

Muse: Nathalie Kelley (Photos taken from NeilKrug.com)

Neil Krug popped up on my internet radar a couple of months ago. His prints, photographs and graphic designs have me constantly questioning my creative ability - or lack thereof. After ransacking his website, ferociously saving pictures for inspiration, this particular photoset really caught my eye. To me, these photos are reminiscent of National Geographic magazines from the 70s with all their photos shot with Kodachrome film, in what seems to be really exotic and far away lands, but in reality are only a hop, skip & jump over an ocean or two. But maybe I'm just feeling all the travelling/wanderlust vibes BECAUSE I LEAVE FOR INDIA IN 13 DAYS. Definitely expect a few more posts, before I leave, that give subtle nods to the Indian culture.. 

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