Monday, 27 January 2014


Hello friends! Just letting you all know, that my blog will be inactive till early March 2014. I'm leaving for a 4 week adventure to India, and when I get home I head straight into my second year of university... So it will take me a little while to get back onto the blogging bandwagon. When I do return, expect a couple of travelling posts, more regular outfit posts and a shit-load of inspiration coming right at you!

Sending infinite hugs and kisses to you all,
Taylor xxx

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Outtake: 'Run Through The Desert' Lookbook by Backbite

(Photos taken from Backbite)

Backbite is the latest creation coming straight from my favourite desert dwellers, lizard queens and beach rats of Los Angeles. The women behind the brand, have been my major source of inspiration for near on two years - constantly blowing me away with their innovativeness, their rawness, and just the way the are. 
This lookbook is quite honestly the epitome of all five womens creative, collective vision. I'm completely obsessed with the desert roaming psychedelic vibes. Somebody pass the peyote and play Spiritualized to me please. 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

052 - Walking Whispers

Wearing: Vintage sequined elephant vest, Tree of Life maxi slip, Ecote sandals, Assorted jewellery

Last night I celebrated, along with my extended family, my Grandma's 70th birthday. It was a tame affair, bit of dinner, bit of drinking and a good chat with a whole load of seniors (thrown in with the occasional "I remember seeing you this high.")
My Grandma turning 70 has put a lot of perspective on me these last few days. It has made me question if I'm living my life to it's absolute potential, and to be honest I don't think I am. I play it safe, taking the easy way out - in fear of having to do something that could possibly jeopardise what I already have. But what do I achieve by doing this? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Outtake: 'Jamul' by Neil Krug

Muse: Nathalie Kelley (Photos taken from

Neil Krug popped up on my internet radar a couple of months ago. His prints, photographs and graphic designs have me constantly questioning my creative ability - or lack thereof. After ransacking his website, ferociously saving pictures for inspiration, this particular photoset really caught my eye. To me, these photos are reminiscent of National Geographic magazines from the 70s with all their photos shot with Kodachrome film, in what seems to be really exotic and far away lands, but in reality are only a hop, skip & jump over an ocean or two. But maybe I'm just feeling all the travelling/wanderlust vibes BECAUSE I LEAVE FOR INDIA IN 13 DAYS. Definitely expect a few more posts, before I leave, that give subtle nods to the Indian culture.. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

051 - Rattle Your Bones

Wearing: Stussy tank top, Thrifted skirt & boots, Lovestrength concho belt, Caitlan's vintage headpiece, Assorted jewellery

The festive season, and in particular New Years is always a strange, and emotionally heightened time of year for me. I go into a withdrawn type of trance, reflecting upon certain points from the year just gone. 2013 held a lot of promise. It would be the year that I'd turn eighteen. The year that I would begin attending university. The year that I would get my first tattoos. The year that I would fall deeply in love. The year that I would properly start blogging. And the year that I'd begin to explore the world. While I am so proud of myself for achieving these things, I wish someone told me that 2013 would go by in a blur of stress, disappointment and that I would gradually become disenchanted with society.
The negativity, and 'bad vibes' of 2013 (and 2011, and 2012) are hopefully on their way out - as I'm not too sure if I am mentally capable of enduring yet another year of loneliness, unhappiness and helplessness. Even though I absolutely despise the thought of resolutions (because aren't I fine the way I am?) I recognise a palpable need for change in my life. And I'm going to do something about it.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Outtake: 'Children of the Sun' Collection by Idylwild

(Photos taken from the Idylwild Facebook)

I have no idea how I found Idylwild, it must have been after many hours of trawling the internet and playing on Pinterest... They remind me vaguely of Bandit Brand, but with a touch of Stevie Nicks - as seen in the drapes and magnificent sleeves of their dresses.
This type of style, and in particular this collection, has me nostalgic for a past that does not exist in Australia. It makes me long to travel to Joshua Tree desert, to have Fleetwood Mac blaring on the radio, and to wear clickity-clackity boots into a dusty, beaten down bar.