Saturday, 28 December 2013

050 - Moon Palace

Wearing: Halter top c/o American Deadstock, Sportsgirl bell bottoms, Windsor Smith clogs, Vintage bag & belt, Assorted jewellery 

Flying over Sydney city is a strange experience, perhaps flying over any city at night is a strange experience. Looking out of my aeroplane window, I peer down into the streets below. I watch the tiny beaming headlights of cars driving along the highway, and all I can wonder about is what that one little person is doing or thinking in that one little car. Are they happy? Are they alone? Have they ever been in love? What is their favourite movie? Their favourite song? Will their lives ever intersect with mine? Sometimes I like to even create little fantasy lives for these nameless and faceless people. And this is where I tend to get stuck and overwhelmed by my thoughts. 
There are millions of people in this city, in this world, yet I only know a handful of them. I only truly care for a handful of them. And for some reason this scares and excites me. It scares me, because it really emphasises how small I am in this world. How insignificant I am in the bigger scheme of things (If a bigger scheme of things even really exists). It also reiterates how self absorbed I am in my own little universe of life. But it excites me, because there is such an abundance of opportunity. Each person could provide something new in life. And this something 'new', has the ability to shape me. They could yell or scream abuse at me, or could simply ask how my day was. They could be the person I buy my train ticket from, or the person I smile at whilst walking down the street. They could be anyone, and everyone.


  1. It's so weird- I was having thoughts like this yesterday too. Perhaps from a slightly different viewpoint. I thought of how powerless each of us really is. Not in a negative way, but just that each of us have such a limited sphere of influence. If we all had circles drawn around us that showed the reach of our influence, how many people do we really ever connect with? And indeed, can we ever move outside our own little bubbles? No, because outside our bubble is the bigger bubble of society. And there are only those rare few in this world who are influential enough to be drawing that bubble, to be able to see the bubble of society from the outside- unlike the rest of us, forever inside.

    This is probably a series of very disconnected thoughts... but it's so comforting to read a blogpost with real thoughts in it, and I deeply felt the need to respond some way in acknowledgement.

    xx Michelle

    1. Yes I agree with this so much - and I understand what you mean by not meaning it negatively, but there are SO MANY people existing that how are we truly influencing the world and the lives around us? One thing I wish I had the answer to, was how did the bubble begin? Did we as a society put ourselves in our secular bubbles? Or was it nature, and our development as human beings?

      But thank you for this amazing comment, I love having interesting conversations with people and I don't want my blog to be all one sided or totally narcissistic... xxxxxxx

  2. You are so fab! Love and miss you!

  3. I always think this! I thought it was just me. Haha loving your blog gal! Just followed xxx

  4. Those pants are out of this world! You look amazing I always love your looks

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