Monday, 4 November 2013

Outtake: 'She Was The Primeval Ocean' Lookbook by Gypsy Stardust

(All photos taken from Gypsy Stardust)

I've always loved (obsessed over) Gypsy Stardust. An Etsy store, now real deal online store/website, that sells amazing cosmic vintage clothing and otherworldly designs, with heavy soul for the free spirited rock and roll set. And with that love, has come an appreciation for Jenea and Sarah, the incredible masterminds behind Gypsy Stardust. Like, seriously, can their about me get any better?

"Vintage sorceresses with inspired design for dreamers. Wild hearts. Witchy women. Songbirds. Glittering groupies. Cosmic friends. Free thinkers. Sisters of the moon."

But this lookbook has just made my obsession even worse (or better I'm not too sure). Firstly, the set is just perfect! A mixture of dark woods, rich hues on the mandala tapestry, leather, cowhides, macrame and plants. Hello, my dream home! And secondly, the styling is just too good to be true. The girls creativity, innovativeness and clear nostalgia for eras gone by, is just captured and translated beautifully in every single photo. Like the lace up neck detail on the dresses, the subtle jewels, the bellbottoms and the velvet - you should all know how I feel about velvet by now - is killing me. And just like all the stock photos for their online store, Sarah and Jenea are modelling in this lookbook too!
Honestly, I cannot stress how much I love this lookbook. I have all these photos saved on my phone ready for easy inspiration access and I've already got a couple outfits up my sleeve that are reminiscent of these lovely photos! 

What do you guys think of this lookbook? Are you as obsessed as I am with the beauties behind the brand? Have you bought anything from Gypsy Stardust? Comment and let me know! 

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