Saturday, 23 November 2013

Outtake: 'The Rise of the Hieroglyph' Lookbook by El Hieroglyph

(Photos from the El Hieroglyph Facebook)

El Hieroglyph is a London based, Ancient Egyptian inspired jewellery brand. Nur el Hoda, designer of this amazing brand, pays homage to her heritage and inspiration by 'drawing upon the pantheon of sacred and sectarian motives she fins through the inspiration for the modern interpretations of Ancient Egypt.' 
I've always been fascinated with Ancient Egypt since I was a little girl, especially the history behind the deciphering of hieroglyph, religious beliefs and their funerary practices. And I think that Feather of Maat ring (triangular armor style one) would be a perfect addition to my already too large ring collection. 

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  1. yes!!!!! these jewels are awesome, just right down my alley of style...I saw your tumblr and pinterest...we've got the same taste in a lot of things..I'm now following you


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