Monday, 14 October 2013

Outtake: Justlooking4now Etsy Store

(All items for sale on Justlooking4now Etsy)

Sorry for being absent this last week, I've been a bit out of it and have been preoccupied with everything else but blogging. Caitlan and I's stall at Glebe Markets went well, we met lots of interesting and vibrant people! Namely the lovely Jodi (of and for those of you who are following me on Instagram would've seen the crazy photo I took of her bejewelled hands! And she got me thinking about how desperately I need myself a petite point turquoise zuni cuff.
So today I decided to feature one of my favourite Etsy stores, Justlooking4now. A seller of vintage, unique and eclectic native american tribal jewellery. If you haven't seen this store, go check it out now! Hope you all have a lovely Monday, I'll have an outfit up later in the week. 

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