Wednesday, 30 October 2013

043 - Daemon Lover

Wearing: DIY silk velvet kimono, Thrifted dress and belt, Windsor Smith clogs, Caitlan's necklace, Assorted vintage/market jewellery 

You took me for lovin' kindness sake
You don't give love, you only take
But after all I can't let you go
'Cos I love you so Daemon Lover

I've waited months just for the right moment to wear my little kimono creation, it had to be the right weather and right feeling going on, and Caitlan and I's market stall was the perfect opportunity. All it took for me to make my wondrous kimono was two scarves off eBay - just search burnout velvet scarf - and three rows of stitching. It makes me feel like an ethereal witchy woman, and I love it! 
Have any of you guys cheated your way through hundreds of ridiculous dollars to make the perfect item of clothing or even thrifted a piece of clothing that you later found out came from an expensive brand? (ahem Caitlan found out that she opshopped a pair of pants for $3 and they're made by Shakuhachi) 


  1. That kimono is somehow so summery! But it really compliments the black dress well :)



  2. You must have the most perfect jewellery collection! x

    1. Hahaha I take a lot of pride in my jewellery collection! xo

  3. Amazing look!!

    xx Mounia

  4. DIY Kimono?!?! That looks that incredible?! I didn't know it was possible! It looks terrific girl! I would LOVE/KILL to see a DIY post of how you made it-even if it was super easy!

    By the way, every post you make is just epic perfection. I adore your style and closet. You inspire me to venture out and hunt for some awesome vintage pieces :)

    1. Thank you! And if enough people request, I will attempt to put up some DIY instructions but if you just google DIY scarf kimono something will definitely pop-up! xxxxx


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