Sunday, 29 September 2013

039 - Tusk

Wearing: ASOS crochet midi dress, Thrifted tie-dye duster & furry leather bag, Vintage 90s platform boots, Assorted jewellery
  • On Friday I spent six hours doing a one-thousand word source analysis assignment due that afternoon at 3pm. It seems that the only way I can work on major essays is under intense time pressure and I cannot seem to kick this terrible procrastination streak.
  • On Friday night I went with my Mum and Denis to see Running in the Shadows - The Australian Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show at a local hotel/pub. I got to daggy dance with 40+ year old women to some of my favourite ever songs. 
  • On Saturday I went to the beach (I'm working on getting my summer tan back) and then spent the afternoon and evening with my Ben - we went out for an Indian dinner which was super yummy. 
  • And today I went to a book exchange bookstore to hand in and make a profit off some of my old books. I've been reading like crazy this last month, I've finished six books.. All due to the fact that it's the first time in two and a half years that I haven't intensely studied English Literature and I'm able to read at my leisure without critiquing or over analysing the text. 
  • After the bookstore, Mum and I then went to the Caringbah rotary markets and scored some pretty cool finds for very good prices! Bric-a-brac/garage sale type markets are my favourite to go to because there is always interesting stuff to look at, good food to eat and always unexpected finds to be found.
Hope you've all had (or are having) a nice weekend like I have!


  1. I LOVE the throwover with the crotchet dress, so perfect! xo

  2. I love this dress, and I love you. Perfect <3

  3. I love how the middle cut-out part accentuates your waist! Such a cool dress :)


  4. I love the length of this dress (I don't think many people can truly pull it off) and the cutouts! Very cute.

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