Saturday, 21 September 2013

038 - Under The Moonlight

Wearing: Oh My Love duster c/o, Lipstik clogs, Thrifted pants, DIY velvet turban, Assorted Jewellery)

Thought I'd play around with my photoshop editing skills to give my photos a little more of a film like effect? Not sure if I succeeded but you guys can be the judge of that. I've been living in this outfit for the last three days, either wearing it with my turtleneck crop top or just a plain black cotton camisole and switching out my clogs for thongs. However, the shazaam of this whole outfit is this incredible crochet lace duster.
I'm a sucker for anything that calls to my inner goth whilst also dabbling on my bohemian side, and this maxi cardigan is perfect! It's very light and sheer so I know that it will be well worn in the upcoming summer nights where there is a slight onshore breeze and you just need something to cover your shoulders. Not to mention the fact that it creates really cool shadows in the sun with all the spotty/stripy/zig-zaggy business going on..


  1. Your dress sense is inspiring

  2. those trousers are amazing, i love how you've styled them with the kimono. wish i had your wardrobe..
    ellie x.

  3. I love the last picture set, that's so cute :) what a great find!


  4. Yes! I love this! I have the same duster and this is such a great outfit to wear with it! Super jealous of your velvet turban headband too, been looking for one for so long! x

    1. With your sewing skills I'm sure you'd be able to whip up a turban in no time! It's super easy! xxx

  5. This looks awesome! Love your style gurllll! :D xx


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