Tuesday, 10 September 2013

037 - We're The Helping Hands

Wearing: Motel Rocks halter crop top, Vintage Windsor Smith harness boots, Tree of Life floppy hat, Thrifted skirt, bag & belt, Assorted jewellery

I know the writing below may seem slightly incoherent and maybe a bit too stream of consciousness for some of you but deal with it and expect this type of babbling once a week. 
  • I wore this whilst on a massive thrift with Caitlan for Age of Sunastry. It was very comfortable because the skirt doesn't restrict my gut and allows for a nice breeze between my legs.
  • While Caitlan and I were thrifting, this random male worker at one of the many charity stores we went to, proceeded to ask me if I thought Caitlan was, "an Indigo or Rainbow woman?" and told me, "her aura is a mixture of both, she is a very strong and independent woman." 
  • Which has left me thinking about Indigo children and how unique they are and how unique Caitlan is (P.S check out her blog to see how awesome she is and stuff, and maybe tell her how cool she is for driving me around heaps) But also left me thinking about the concept of uniqueness and individuality and do these concepts really exist or are they a social construct to further define people and society.
  • I went clubbing again on Friday night, and I actually enjoyed it for once! Maybe because I went to a club where men didn't feel entitled to touch me and my butt. And maybe cause I got to dance and do my thing on a podium in the middle of the club. 
  • I finally got the roots of my hair touched up and it's made me feel loads better because I feel nice again, because when my hair is ugly it's like my whole world is turned upside down and I can't do anything until I look normal again. Normal being the person I envision in my mind as I think of cool outfits to wear and new make up to wear. 
  • I recently re-watched the Labyrinth for the billionth time and have aptly used a quote as my post title and I've also had this song stuck in my head since:


  1. That skirt is just bloody lovely! x

  2. Yay for being an indigo child haha and thank you random strangers in op shops for sharing your different thoughts haha
    YAY for podium dancing and YAY for getting DAT hair did n bein sassy again

  3. I adore this combo on you, works so well!



  4. sooooooo perfect! such a style inspiration <3

    zoe x


  5. love your style! that skirt is to die for


  6. ahh, love this outfit so much! the print is so lovely x


  7. you are so beautiful, this outfit is perfect on you! love the skirt and the hat x


    1. naw you're making me blush!!! thank you <3

  8. you look so gorgeous! i want all of your tattoos <3 and I'm seriously loving the print on that skirt xx

  9. Gosh I love this look!! That skirt is amazing!! Thank you so much for the follow...I love your style so much xx


    1. You're welcome! Your style is fantastic :)


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