Wednesday, 21 August 2013

034 - Big World

(Wearing: Vintage Harley Davidson tank top, DIY Tree of Life veil mesh embroidered maxi skirt, Vintage boots, Thrifted bag, Assorted jewellery)

On Sunday, Denis and I ventured into Circular Quay to see one of my greatest inspirations of all time, Tavi Gevinson, host a discussion at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. She was poised, intelligent, captivating, articulate, amusing, witty and very sweet.
She chose to discuss the topic of 'fan-girling' and it's effects on herself and other like minded [female] youths. She stressed her feelings on how insincere and unoriginal she felt talking about other peoples works of art as a part of her 'world', that her world was merely constructed from other minority worlds that leapt to her from books, photos, music and her surroundings. Which I found amusing, considering how her world is so clearly defined and legitimised through her work at and through the general aesthetics of her writing. The way she portrayed fan-girling towards the end of talk was like an art form. That being a fan-girl is a privilege, a passion, that it instills a sense of community upon us, that it can broaden our horizons like nothing else  In her own words "I'm looking at everything else and that's what I am. "

Expect sometime next week, a youtube video of her actual talk and you guys can get a glimpse at her in action - because I'm most definitely not doing her any justice. 


  1. OH MY DAYS! I've literally just popped into your blog and seriously your style is amazing! Like how can someone have such dope taste?!?! I think I love you Taylor! X

    1. Thank you doll face! You are so so sweet! xxxx

  2. so obsessed with your style and blog, very glad i found it.
    the skirt with mesh overlay is absolutely stunning, i love how you've styled it with the vintage tank for a more casual look.
    ellie x.

  3. Just found your blog and I LOVE your style! This skirt is so amazing, I adore it!x

    Electra Violet

  4. your top and skirt is the perfect match<3


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