Friday, 30 August 2013

035 - Vivid Orchid

(Wearing: Tree of Life velvet bustier, Supre skirt, Vintage sequin elephant bag, shawl & boots, Caitlan's belt, Assorted jewellery)

It was an amazing 25°C today, and I definitely had myself convinced that it was Summer - not the second last day of Winter! This outfit is one that I'm kind of iffy about, the skirt always rides up to just under my butt and the shawl never sits just right, if you know what I mean? But I quite like it nonetheless. So today, I wanted to talk about my newest addition to my very small tattoo family. My Hand of Fatima (otherwise known as hamsa/Hand of Miriam/Hand of Mary). I waited a few weeks till I posted it on here because I was letting it heal and just in case something went wrong with it. 
I had wanted this particular tattoo for close to eighteen months. I was initially inspired by a pendant I had received off my parents for a birthday a few years ago. Then when I began my Christmas casual job at Inspired Tribe - a jewellery and homewares store which specialises in ethnic/tribal pieces from India, Nepal, Morocco, etc. - I was surrounded by amazing Hand of Fatima designs, which made me fall even more in love with its meaning and appearance. I got it done at Hunter & Fox Tattoo by Lauren Winzer. I stumbled upon her work through seeing a friend post one of her tattoos on Tumblr. While I appreciated her style of tattoos (cartoon/cutesy/crystals) it wasn't quite me, that was until I ended up finding another variation of a Hand of Fatima that she did! A week later I made a consultation booking, then three weeks later I was laying on her pretty pink bench ready to be tattoo'd up! It was a custom design, which she drew up a few days before my appointment. I sent her through plenty of photos, mostly henna and mehndi designs. And her interpretation was perfect. The tattoo experience was like all tattoo experiences I suppose? It was done in an hour, and took only two weeks to fully heal. The pain was okay, but I only have one other tattoo to go by, and everybody's pain tolerance varies. Lauren is incredibly talented, kind and gentle, and if you are ever in Sydney definitely contact her and book in!
At this stage I think I have kicked my tattoo cravings, but I'm sure they'll arise in another six or so months and I've already got a pretty good idea on what I will be getting. Do you guys have any tattoos? Any terrible tales? Any designs you're currently fancying? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Outtake: El Dantes Boots

(Photos sourced from El Dantes)

As I was leisurely strolling back to Kings Cross station, after running some brief errands for a theology assignment, bold 50% off sale signs in Raben Footwear were calling to me. "Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! SHOES!" I've only ever seen two of these stores in my entire existence. Both in shitty areas of Sydney. Both selling ridiculously overpriced shoes. Mostly Dr. Marten and Creeper knock-offs, however they also offer a variety of gothic/punk/stripper platform-ish shoes. I quickly scanned the window, maybe something would stick out to me... Low and behold, front and centre were a pair of very chunky tan, black and brown patchwork leather platform boots. Struggling to contain my excitement, I snatched them off the shelf and hugged them to my chest.
Nek minnit, I'm manically asking the shop assistants "Size 8? DO THEY COME IN SIZE 8?" The shop assistant casually looked up at me, her face slightly horrified to see me so passionate about a pair of boots, and said to my utmost dismay, "No. Size 6 only. Last pair."
Tears were threatening to spill (not really, but for the sake of this story) and I quickly took a photo of the label on the bottom of the sole. Crestfallen, I passed the shoe back to the lady and left the store.
Once I got home I began to intensely google the brand El Dantes. All I could think about what a perfect addition to my wardrobe they would be. To my luck, I found their Spanish website, full of incredible boots, all at affordable prices. To my irritation, none of their shoes came in my size.

Moral of the story? Get smaller feet. 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

034 - Big World

(Wearing: Vintage Harley Davidson tank top, DIY Tree of Life veil mesh embroidered maxi skirt, Vintage boots, Thrifted bag, Assorted jewellery)

On Sunday, Denis and I ventured into Circular Quay to see one of my greatest inspirations of all time, Tavi Gevinson, host a discussion at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. She was poised, intelligent, captivating, articulate, amusing, witty and very sweet.
She chose to discuss the topic of 'fan-girling' and it's effects on herself and other like minded [female] youths. She stressed her feelings on how insincere and unoriginal she felt talking about other peoples works of art as a part of her 'world', that her world was merely constructed from other minority worlds that leapt to her from books, photos, music and her surroundings. Which I found amusing, considering how her world is so clearly defined and legitimised through her work at and through the general aesthetics of her writing. The way she portrayed fan-girling towards the end of talk was like an art form. That being a fan-girl is a privilege, a passion, that it instills a sense of community upon us, that it can broaden our horizons like nothing else  In her own words "I'm looking at everything else and that's what I am. "

Expect sometime next week, a youtube video of her actual talk and you guys can get a glimpse at her in action - because I'm most definitely not doing her any justice. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Outtake: 'Den of Thieves' Lookbook by Heyoka Leather

You guys can clearly see why the recent lookbook from Heyoka Leather has me all inspired: 60s makeup, conchos, leather, beach, fur, fringe, rocker/western vibes. You know the deal. And Kelley Ash (the model with the rad fringe and boobies) is just ethereal and badass at the same time. Anything and everything she does just leaves me in awe.

Friday, 16 August 2013

033 - Choke Me To The Bone

(Wearing: Bad Vibes bottoms from Shop Tunnel Vision, Vintage Harley Davidson t-shirt from eBay, Steve Madden shoes, Suede fringe bag, Assorted jewellery)

August in Sydney is know for its windy days, but once in a while it's also known for it's warm and sunny days. For the end of winter we're reaching temperatures in the mid 20's and I'm definitely getting excited for summer - hence the recent alterations to my Bad Vibes (I was given them as a present in legging form, and had altered them for wearabilty/comfort/necessity). And boy, do I love them even more in short form. This outfit I feel like I'm channeling my inner California-trailer trash-bikeresque persona. A persona that pops chewing gum obnoxiously, rides on the back of motorcycles, sips Coke in the late afternoon sun and is full of sass. I'm sure she will stick around once the hot weather properly kicks in.

Today, however much I'd love to continue chatting about fashion and inspiration and shit, I wanted to have a discussion about a comment I received on Instagram a few days ago. 

   "Living proof that you don't have to be an anorexic skinny girl to be beautiful! You're so inspiring!"

Was I supposed to feel flattered by this back-handed comment? Was I supposed to be insulted that I didn't identify in the "skinny girl" category? Can't I just be considered beautiful without weight being an issue? This comment had me immensely confused. I have struggled with my own personal weight issues for the last two years, after gaining close to 10kg whilst I struggled with depression and anxiety. However, I've always been known to have a "voluptuous" figure, a little more muscle and chub than the majority of my friends - something that I've grown comfortable and confident in having, after many hard years fighting against it.
I knew that when I began blogging, my weight would be most definitely brought up at some point. Directly/indirectly/whatever... I expected it. But not in a way that shames a mental & physical illness like anorexia. I'm struggling with trying to express how I feel. Mostly fucking angry and a little bit sad at the same time.
Not all "skinny" girls choose to be thin, some desperately want to be able to put on weight so they're not judged or accused of having an eating disorder, just so they can fit our societies standard of "healthy". Others, unfortunately, crave and need to be thin and this is where things can turn negative. On the other hand, there are also many "average" sized girls who are happy with being your ordinary size 10-12-14 and like myself, couldn't give two shits if they're considered skinny, fat, chubby, muscular, healthy, big-boned, slender or what have you.

Essentially, stop idealising and judging people and their physical appearances and appreciate them for the human beings they are!

Monday, 5 August 2013

032 - Sassy Ponytail is Sassy

 (Wearing: Thrifted floral kimono and snakeskin skirt, ZigiNY Platform Boots, Mink Pink velvet bustier, Lapis afghani choker, Caitlan's cuff)

Taylor + Caitlan + chicken caesar salad rolls + clothing madness + "sassy" + anxiety funk + day off work = this outfit. Weird combination huh? You can thank the insanity of working 21 hours on your first week back at uni.