Sunday, 28 July 2013

031 - Berry Black

 (Wearing: Sportsgirl lace bellbottoms, Thrifted embellished top, fuzzy cardigan and fringe bag, Vintage 90s boots, Assorted jewellery)

This outfit arose out of an hour of distress, tears and screaming at inanimate pieces of material, in an attempt to create an outfit that was suitable for a breezy, sleepy country town called Berry.
Every year, Denis and I venture down the coast for a day of laughs, yummy food, naps in the park and a little bit of shopping (which resulted in us hauling a cane throne home on two different trains over two and a half hours.) 
Unfortunately it's back to reality as uni holidays are over. And I am sneakily posting this outfit in my religion lecture, day 1 of semester 2 and bad habits are already forming!


  1. Love those pants!! Great blog .

    As always, I'm giving it a smile, a wink and smooches
    Stephanie M. Guerra, ~Stiletto, Fashion & Personal Stylist

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  2. youre so gorgeous! love every outfit you post xx

  3. Man oh man I wish we had Sportsgirl here, I always see amazing pieces on Aussie blogs. You guys get all the cool brands!

    I've also seen a lot of cane thrones lately and I WANT ONE.

    1. Sportsgirl definitely has its ups and downs, kind of like Topshop? Can be super duper hit and miss.. It was my dream to buy a cane peacock chair but I had to settle for second best ;)


  4. You are BABE. The pants are amazing, omg.
    And good luck with the new semester! I begin mine in a couple of weeks :'-(((( But it's ok, because it's my last semester ever (EVER).

    1. thank you! ugh i'm over it already, I feel like curling up in the fetal position and hiding under my bed covers for the rest of eternity. YOU ARE SO LUCKY :(

  5. Them lace trousers are actually a dream! *__*

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