Wednesday, 3 July 2013

027 - Hip You

(Wearing: Secondhand boots, pants and denim jacket, Black crop top, Banjara satchel, Assorted Jewellery)

Hey, hi, hello, yo', what's up?
It has been cold, wet and miserable in this not so lovely city of Australia, and I've been finding it incredibly difficult to get out of bed and do anything. The last week or so has involved a solo week-long Harry Potter film marathon under a multitude of blankets and many late nights readings fanfiction. However, as a new week rolled in, I put a cease to my laziness and self-pity and decided to do something.
The week long rain finally cleared, the heavens opened up, and the sun shone warmly and brightly through the sunroof of Caitlan's car. We were having an opshopping adventure! Azealia Banks and Lana Del Ray were pumping us up and pushing us through our impending 5 hour mission of trawling through opshops in the western suburbs of Sydney. Why you may ask? What need do you have for spending an entire day in thrift stores? Well, Caitlan and I are making an Etsy store! Keep in tune for more updates and little sneak peaks into what we will be selling.
Yesterday was also the day I conveniently wore my (almost) pyjamas out. A week long of trackpants and frumpy jumpers made it near impossible to pull on real-world appropriate clothing so I grabbed the next best thing, which are these fabulous pants. Loose, comfortable, warm and needing a good repair to the crotch. These pants are my go to, year round, when I find myself despising the contents of my wardrobe. They are perfect for sleepwear and daywear - so I most definitely cannot go wrong with them.

Do you guys have that item of clothing? Something that you can put on, go to bed in and wake up and wear again? Or is that just me being extra grotty and lazy? Probably...


  1. Wooooooo adventures and op shopping and getting our etsy shop together!
    oh so very exciting!
    love you wifeyyyyyy

  2. I have a pretty spectacular pair of elephant pants for this very purpose (see BUT this is so weird, black & white patterned pants have been playing on my mind lately and this is the FOURTH time I've seen some in the past 24 hours.

    First up, striped palazzos:
    Then my friend posts these on her vintage store (in my size), really similar to yours:
    THEN we get these in at the store I work at:

    NOW YOUR BLOG POST. It's a sign, right?

    1. Those elephant pants are RAD! And yes this is a sign! Those Asos Marketplace pants need to be in your life and on your butt - they're amazing!!


  3. absolutely adore your blog hun, i love finding other aussie bloggers! followed you on blogger and bloglovin xx

    1. thank you! your blog is fab! following both :)



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