Sunday, 28 July 2013

031 - Berry Black

 (Wearing: Sportsgirl lace bellbottoms, Thrifted embellished top, fuzzy cardigan and fringe bag, Vintage 90s boots, Assorted jewellery)

This outfit arose out of an hour of distress, tears and screaming at inanimate pieces of material, in an attempt to create an outfit that was suitable for a breezy, sleepy country town called Berry.
Every year, Denis and I venture down the coast for a day of laughs, yummy food, naps in the park and a little bit of shopping (which resulted in us hauling a cane throne home on two different trains over two and a half hours.) 
Unfortunately it's back to reality as uni holidays are over. And I am sneakily posting this outfit in my religion lecture, day 1 of semester 2 and bad habits are already forming!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Polyvore Playtime: Featuring Khalesar

While I love posting and creating my own polyvores, some weeks can go by and I'm totally uninspired, and my imagination is lacking. So I asked my best friend, Denis, if he would me featuring his polyvores on my "off" weeks. So here is my current favourite. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

030 - Grounded

(Wearing: Thrifted jeans and maxi cardigan, Age of Sunastry vintage bag, Vintage 90s boots, Supre tank top, Tree of Life knitted headband, Assorted Jewellery) 

Yesterday's super moon has done wonders for my mood and my motivation and for finally getting Caitlan and I's Etsy store - Age of Sunastry - up and running! I'm so proud that our years of talking, planning and dreaming has actually led to this. A store. Our own store. DOESN'T THAT SOUND WEIRD AND AMAZING AT THE SAME TIME?! We are still in our infancy, and it's just baby steps at this point but we have many goals and ideas set up for the near future so keep tuned for more updates!

Now to the outfit. My cardigan is one of my absolute favourite op-shop finds ever. It's warm without being suffocating, and cool enough that I can wear on a breezy summer night. It also makes me feel all regal and stuff when it floats behind me as I walk. And yes, I wore these jeans in my last outfit. But I don't care because I honestly do not own enough bottoms to wear in our currently chilly weather that are as comfortable as my "mom" jeans. Not to mention how good my bum looks in them... 

Monday, 15 July 2013

029 - Jumanji

(Wearing: Truly Madly Deeply halter crop top, Mika and Gala furry coat, Lipstik clogs, Thrifted Levi jeans and fringe leather bag, Assorted jewellery)

This halter top is my current wardrobe holy grail. I bought it a little over a month ago off Urban Outfitters and have been saving it and waiting for the right moment to wear it on the blog. To some, it may not be anything special, to me however it is a completely different story. Firstly, IT'S A CROPPED HALTER NECK. And secondly, THERE ARE ELEPHANTS AND CAMELS AND FISH ON IT. Sorry for the use of capitals but am I effectively conveying my irrational excitement over a top?! And are you sick of my jacket yet? I'm not and I dont think I ever will be. This coat is my life saver in the Australian winter, it keeps me warm and snuggly, whilst also adding that extra level of pizazz to any outfit. Speaking of pizazz, you guys should of seen my outfit that I wore clubbing on Saturday night. In my humble opinion, I was smokin'. I'm definitely going to recreate the outfit for you guys because it needs to be documented. However, fantastic outfit aside, my Saturday night was awful. And this is where the serious text post begins.
For me, socialising and in particular clubbing/partying has always made me incredibly anxious. I'm an anxious person majority of the time (hiding it under my perpetual bitch-face mask) however situations like these tend to get the best of me and are usually out of my control. My hands are shaky as I try to apply my eyeliner, my stomach is in knots and I will experience dizzy spells. To top off the anxiety, there is a social expectation to be fun and to be bubbly. And for most people, this is achieved through the use of alcohol.
I've been a social drinker for close to four years, only being able to dance at parties and properly enjoy myself when I was on the drunker side of tipsy. And I have had some incredible nights with my friends thanks to a little bit of liquid courage. However the weekend just passed has taught me some interesting lessons.
Lesson 1: Do not consume six standard drinks in the space of an hour. Especially on an empty stomach.
Lesson 2: Do not continue to drink when you've already had too much.
Lesson 3: Do not wear suede platform heels when you are vomiting drunk.
Lesson 4: Avoid all forms of social media, you will most likely embarrass yourself.
Lesson 5: Do not conform to peer pressure. If you don't feel like consuming alcohol, then don't! Do not let people undermine your self-esteem simply because they don't find you fun or exciting. That is there problem, not yours.

All in all, I don't remember very much of my Saturday night, and thankfully my best friend is the kindest and most generous person I know and took good care of me and got me safely home. I'm undecided in which path I will take, will I stop drinking altogether? Or has this just been a learning curve on the road to being a proper "adult"? 

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Hey guys! Recently (a few days ago) I did an interview for Velvet Pony - an amazing online store that sells rad vintage pieces. If you've read my blog for the last 6 or so months than nothing in the interview should be new to you, but still give it a read and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

028 - Beige Beach

(Wearing: Thrifted top, skirt and bag, Harness boots from eBay, Assorted jewellery)

The weather yesterday in Sydney was beautiful, I had myself almost convinced that it was a breezy Summers day again. Caitlan and I made the most of the nice weather and headed down to the beach and pretty rock pools with her darling pup-pup, Lamour. We sat in the sun, ate our tomato and cheese toasties and laughed at the poodle and her silly ways (jumping like a kangaroo and falling into the tide pools getting her fluffy ears wet.) These are the type of days that I will most definitely miss once university starts back up.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Outtake: Crux and Crow

(Photos sourced from Crux and Crow Facebook & Tumblr)

Crux and Crow are a vintage and customised clothing store on Etsy from Australia. And god knows I love supporting small Aussie female owned businesses! I've mostly featured her customised dresses because I am just in complete awe. Like holy hell can those colours combinations and mixes of crochet be anymore amazing? There is not much more to say than I absolutely adore the stores aesthetic and I am most definitely inspired to pull out my sewing machine and see what I can make out of some old doilies and tablecloths.
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, and that the Monday blues aren't settling in too heavily. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

027 - Hip You

(Wearing: Secondhand boots, pants and denim jacket, Black crop top, Banjara satchel, Assorted Jewellery)

Hey, hi, hello, yo', what's up?
It has been cold, wet and miserable in this not so lovely city of Australia, and I've been finding it incredibly difficult to get out of bed and do anything. The last week or so has involved a solo week-long Harry Potter film marathon under a multitude of blankets and many late nights readings fanfiction. However, as a new week rolled in, I put a cease to my laziness and self-pity and decided to do something.
The week long rain finally cleared, the heavens opened up, and the sun shone warmly and brightly through the sunroof of Caitlan's car. We were having an opshopping adventure! Azealia Banks and Lana Del Ray were pumping us up and pushing us through our impending 5 hour mission of trawling through opshops in the western suburbs of Sydney. Why you may ask? What need do you have for spending an entire day in thrift stores? Well, Caitlan and I are making an Etsy store! Keep in tune for more updates and little sneak peaks into what we will be selling.
Yesterday was also the day I conveniently wore my (almost) pyjamas out. A week long of trackpants and frumpy jumpers made it near impossible to pull on real-world appropriate clothing so I grabbed the next best thing, which are these fabulous pants. Loose, comfortable, warm and needing a good repair to the crotch. These pants are my go to, year round, when I find myself despising the contents of my wardrobe. They are perfect for sleepwear and daywear - so I most definitely cannot go wrong with them.

Do you guys have that item of clothing? Something that you can put on, go to bed in and wake up and wear again? Or is that just me being extra grotty and lazy? Probably...