Saturday, 22 June 2013

Outtake: Rat and Boa

(All photos sourced from Rat and Boa)

Throughout the week, as I was doing my daily trawl of tumblr, I stumbled upon a lovely photo of a playful blonde winking, decked out in an array of bindis, jewellery and rainbow crochet (photo 1). Knowing automatically by its size and graininess that it was a photo from instagram, I turned obsessive in trying to hunt down the face of this bohemian, grunge, crochet angel. Low and behold, I came across the instagram of Valentina Muntoni - AND THERE WAS MY INSPIRATIONAL ANGEL! A couple of link-clicking moments later, the almost indecipherable scrawl of Rat and Boa was staring up at me from my computer screen. And I fell deeply, deeply in love. 
"Rat and Boa is the creative brainchild of friends Stephanie Cara Bennett and Valentina Muntoni. In Rat and Boa, it was a meeting of mind. Selling affordable one of a kind fashion and jewellery to the imaginative and daring, allowing for individuality and expression. Step into the magical world of Rat and Boa and unleash your inner free spirit."
Yet again, that little informative paragraph was stolen from their website. Essentially, the brand is run by two rad women who sell rad clothing to equally rad women. RAD RAD RAD. To me, this brand and its clothing just oozes relaxed sexiness and self-confidence and I dunno, summer and warm pavement, and exotic road trips and secret late night kisses and stuff?

What does this brand remind you of? Drop me a comment below, and let me know. 

Find Rat and Boa, here, here, here and here


  1. That first photo is my favourite photo on the whole of Tumblr. I don't think I'd seen the rest but they're amazing! Rat & Boa never seem to have anything in stock on their store though?!

    1. That is probably my least favourite thing about them.. They don't make enough stock, as they run-out within the first few hours of putting up new stock - so irritating! But their facebook is always updating and telling shoppers when new stock arrives :)

  2. rat and boa never have anything in stock, and their clothing on ebay is selling at 3 times the original price.
    However all their clothing is labelled as "one size", which is ridiculous. The models look tiny.


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