Thursday, 6 June 2013

023 - You'll Be My Resolution

Wearing: Vintage sunflower dress as a skirt, Harley Davdison tee, Vintage Leather Jacket, Converse, Assorted Jewellery 

Hey, hey, hey! New day, new outfit. However, there is not much new in my life. Uni exams begin in 8 days - so this outfit is really just me procrastinating and avoiding studying. Today I also managed to pop into a couple of my local op-shops with Caitlan, and have a little squizz, only to be disappointed by the lack of decent-ish clothes.. Maybe we've sucked them dry of their good stuff?! 

Todays topic of discussion: Work.
First off, I really enjoy working at my little DVD rental store. I'm privileged to work with amazing people, have (mostly) great customers, and still be paid a reasonable wage whilst also learning valuable life skills. However, I feel that people my age, these days, tend to be extremely ungrateful for their jobs and are almost unwilling to work the hard yards for a more rewarding future. I've worked in three places since I turned 14 - the legal age to work in Australia. I've worked in a patisserie, a jewellery store and now, my current job. And although I'm still young and unexperienced, I cannot not imagine myself working. It's helped me to grow as a person, and to appreciate and value people and their jobs in a new light.
I've recently become aware of and disappointed by my generation, who have the tendency to flit between workplaces and jobs simply because they are lazy, undependable, selfish, and superficial. How are you supposed to gain life experience if you do not have the tenacity to work? If you do not show perseverance? If you do not present yourself as a reliable worker? 
However, what I think is worse than a lazy employee, is one that believes particular jobs are "below them". It irritates me to no end, how people believe they have the right to discriminate against the quality of another persons job. Yes you're entitled to your opinion, but no-one is better than anyone else on this planet.
Every single employed person is crucial to the functioning of our society and economy. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. Think that being a garbage man is below you and that his work is menial? If no one takes your trash to the tip then your ecosystem and environment would be worse than it already is. There are many more examples that I could use, and I still have not branched into the unemployed and problems with government welfare, but do you get what I am saying?
Essentially, people, please be grateful and aware of the opportunities your job is giving you. Your job is not forever but it is crucial in giving you important social and career skills. And people who are job-snobs, the next time a funky dressed blonde smiles politely while handing over your DVD and change, maybe smile back and thank them?


This song is my new jam of the moment, and coincidentally, is the title of this post. 


  1. I LOVE YOU. yes yes yes, that whole rant is so right in so many ways. i just graduated from high school yesterday, but i remember at least once everyday seeing kids in my school not throwing their trash away and leaving it there for the janitor of the school to clean up. one time, one of the school officers came up to a student and asked him to throw away his two pieces of small trash, and the kid walked away and said, "hell no" and then the officer said, "excuse me? please toss your trash away." and then the kid said, "no! that's the janitor's job! he's getting paid to do SOMETHING!" and i was just thinking to myself, "oh my fucking god. OH MY FUCKING GOD. this fucking kid thinks it's not already enough that this ONE janitor has to clean the entire school. he can't even throw his own trash away."

    anyways, my rant is over now. heh. so much ranting. this outfit is perfectly perfect. luv u.

    1. ugh that kid sounds like the biggest twat EVER, seriously who do they think they are?! job-snobbery and general shit-headedness is not on. and congratulations on graduating high school!!! now you're going to be thrusted into the big wide grown up world!
      thank you baby <3 <3 sending love and happy vibes to L.A <3 <3

  2. yes, this is so true! I've been at my current job for a year now and I've learned so much even though I'm the youngest there. people these days are sadd

    love this outfit! <3

    1. thank god you agree too! i want to know when all this laziness and lack of appreciation began.. it makes me sad :(
      and thank you so much!! xoxoxo

  3. you have such a beautiful taste!
    love your pretty blog!

  4. dude totally thought i commented on this!
    Am totally agreein with ya!
    you are a babe
    schoolyard rebels
    tay n katie hehehehhehe
    love me

  5. I totally adore your style! New follower :)

    But, yes! I agree wholeheartedly; a lot of kids our age don't understand the value or purpose of hard work. We all have to start somewhere. I totally blame fame culture for deteriorating everyone's work ethic, like being too focused on getting rich quick, than putting in some effort.

    1. Thank you! Your blog is fabulous! And ugh it is definitely fame culture. <3

  6. floral and leather... y e s xo

    1. floral and leather all day, everyday <3


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