Sunday, 12 May 2013

Outtake: Turning 18!

 (1. Birthday cake. 2. Presents. 3. Balloons. 4. Signature bear and succulent. 5. Goody basket. 6. Sterling silver turquoise earrings from Wendy. 7. Sterling coral pendant from Grandma and Grampy. 8. Sterling rainbow moonstone earrings from my Uncle and Aunty. 9. Tibetan faux turquoise and coral perfume bottle pendant from my sister. 10. Belt buckle from my Dad. 11. Sterling Navajo slave bracelet from Denis. 12. Sterling Navajo turquoise ring from Ben. 13. Sterling Rajasthani choker necklace from Mum.)

On the 11th of May I finally turned 18! Turning eighteen in Australia is a milestone event (well, at least for my family) as it's when you become a legal adult; you're able to vote, drink alcohol and more importantly, get tattooed. Therefore, I've decided to do a post on my birthday, and to show you guys a few gifts I received from my loved ones.
Over the last year, my obsession with silver jewellery has grown to new heights. Since working at an Indian/Tibetan/Nepalese inspired jewellery store, I've become quite snobbish with the jewellery I wear - wanting it not to tarnish and wanting it all to last forever, so I can pass it on to my future children. Most of my family and friends made note of this obsession, and amazed me by buying me all this incredible jewellery. My absolute favourite piece being the choker from my Mum.
As you can kind of see in my goody basket, there is a home-made gift certificate with my Dad's face on it. This gift certificate had me very, very close to tears. He gave me a return air ticket to India for the end of year!!!!!!!!! *QUEUE SCREAMING AND CRYING*

I had a very nice, quiet day spending it with my most cherished people then eating incredible Indian food for dinner, and having a fun, albeit weird, night out in the city. On that note, I'd love to thank my family & friends (real-life and cyber) for the birthday wishes, and for making my 18th birthday a day to remember. I love you all very much!!

(Disclaimer: I am not bragging in this post, this is simply to show how grateful I am for the gifts that I received, and how appreciative I am that I live in a society where my family and friends can afford to give presents.)


  1. Wow this looks like you had the best birthday one could ever wish for!!! CRAZIEST presents ever!!!! INDIA?!? Not possible for me to be more jealous even if I tried, but I'm also very very happy for you. Looks like your family and friends know you very well!

    1. I most definitely did, it was such a whirl wind - I'm still in shock at my presents!! Thank you my dear <3 <3

  2. No fucking way!!!!!! Your parents sound like the best humans on planet earth. My dad could never pull off anything in Photoshop, especially placing a picture of his face on a gift certificate, haha. God your gifts sound amazing as hell, and that choker, dude.. So fucking good. I can't believe you got a (return) ticket to India. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Happy happy birthday Taylor, so happy for you :)

    1. Thank you Larissa!! My parents are seriously the bomb! <3 <3

  3. Wow, looks like quite the birthday! That's awesome that your mom got you that necklace- not all moms can keep up with edgy style like that!


  4. happy bday!!
    hope you had a great time!
    love the jewellery

  5. Ahhh happy belated birthday! Everything looks so lovely.. and INDIA OMG. Way excited for you.


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