Wednesday, 29 May 2013

022 - Dune Rat

(Wearing: Harley Davidson tee, Thrifted velvet mini skirt and duster, Boots from etsy, Caitlan's concho boot straps from eBay, Fringe shoulder bag and Assorted native american jewellery)

Do you like my cliche post title that everyone uses when they take outfit posts at the beach? I don't. But I really struggle with titling my outfits so whatever. Obviously this outfit was taken at the beach, it was a nice day, not too chilly not too warm or sunny. I spent the day with Caitlan, for lunch we went to Bayvista; a restaurant full of yummy breakfast-type desserts. Then we did a little thrifting and spent the rest of the afternoon talking about how the full moon is ruining our week and putting us in a heightened state of emotion.
I really like this outfit so that's why I wore it. My boots are new to me, I bought them off etsy from a seller called Rumors Vintage and I love them. The duster has lots of pretty butterflies on it, so it contrasts nicely against all the black grungey shit I'm wearing. My middle finger is too fat (or maybe the ring is too small) on my slave bracelet but it's so pretty and I liked that it tied the whole floral element of my dress to the more biker side of it. And that's it to my outfit - looking back I wish I'd worn fishnet tights and maybe a different pair of bottoms...

What would you suggest to wear on the bottom half of this outfit? Drop a comment below and let me know.


  1. seriously full moon for me = really emotionally and sensitive or hyper and crazy and over stimulated hahaha

    bby i love you and this outfit it perfect! <3<3<3<3<3

  2. The tee is great! And you look pretty :)


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