Thursday, 23 May 2013

021 - Freaky Farm

 (Wearing: American Apparel sheer mesh dress, Tree of Life tie-dyed maxi, Thrifted boots)

Look what I found from my holiday in February! This photo was captured in the golden hour of a summery afternoon in my Aunty's backyard, which is full of dried leaves and roaming chickens... I don't particularly love this outfit, it translated a little bit frumpier than I pictured in my mind but essentially I loved the vibes that this photo gives, you know the whole contrasting combination of solar lens flare, black lips, dry grass and brambly backyard. So that made it totally worth posting. This outfit is also a substitution for a lack of new outfits because, yet again, of uni and assignments and because I've been in a super weird funk that I'm having trouble shaking.


  1. I'm really loving this.. not frumpy at all. xxx

  2. I loved this dress on you at the new years party especially because you were a bangin' boho babe <3 and i love it here as well xxx


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