Wednesday, 29 May 2013

022 - Dune Rat

(Wearing: Harley Davidson tee, Thrifted velvet mini skirt and duster, Boots from etsy, Caitlan's concho boot straps from eBay, Fringe shoulder bag and Assorted native american jewellery)

Do you like my cliche post title that everyone uses when they take outfit posts at the beach? I don't. But I really struggle with titling my outfits so whatever. Obviously this outfit was taken at the beach, it was a nice day, not too chilly not too warm or sunny. I spent the day with Caitlan, for lunch we went to Bayvista; a restaurant full of yummy breakfast-type desserts. Then we did a little thrifting and spent the rest of the afternoon talking about how the full moon is ruining our week and putting us in a heightened state of emotion.
I really like this outfit so that's why I wore it. My boots are new to me, I bought them off etsy from a seller called Rumors Vintage and I love them. The duster has lots of pretty butterflies on it, so it contrasts nicely against all the black grungey shit I'm wearing. My middle finger is too fat (or maybe the ring is too small) on my slave bracelet but it's so pretty and I liked that it tied the whole floral element of my dress to the more biker side of it. And that's it to my outfit - looking back I wish I'd worn fishnet tights and maybe a different pair of bottoms...

What would you suggest to wear on the bottom half of this outfit? Drop a comment below and let me know.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Outtake: Bandit Brand

(Photos from Bandit Brand Facebook & Tumblr/Michael Schmidt Photography)

"Bandit is a handmade, small time, home based shop featuring nostalgic american tshirts, vintage and other rad Goods made by friends + shit I just like. Most t shirt art is vintage or hand drawn. No trends forecasting, no seasons, no cares of what's 'hot' or 'in style'. Just plain ol' vintage style tees that are made to be genuinely loved by their owners."So yeah just stole that above bit from the Bandit Brand "About" section, who better to describe the aesthetics of an online store than the owners/workers?! I mainly wanted to feature this brand, as an outtake, because the photos from their lookbooks are just incredible! I haven't specifically chosen a particular lookbook, but just a variety of them with the coolest vibes (if that makes sense.) I just love the 1970s western/biker/rocker feeling of these photos - they remind be of Brittany from Waltz in Black.

Ok I really need to get back to work on writing this stupid paper on Sigmund Freud that was actually due yesterday, that I've written like 150 words on... oops. #greatestunistudentever 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

021 - Freaky Farm

 (Wearing: American Apparel sheer mesh dress, Tree of Life tie-dyed maxi, Thrifted boots)

Look what I found from my holiday in February! This photo was captured in the golden hour of a summery afternoon in my Aunty's backyard, which is full of dried leaves and roaming chickens... I don't particularly love this outfit, it translated a little bit frumpier than I pictured in my mind but essentially I loved the vibes that this photo gives, you know the whole contrasting combination of solar lens flare, black lips, dry grass and brambly backyard. So that made it totally worth posting. This outfit is also a substitution for a lack of new outfits because, yet again, of uni and assignments and because I've been in a super weird funk that I'm having trouble shaking.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Outtake: 'A Fine High Lonesome Madness' Lookbook by Sugarhigh + Lovestoned

Sugarhigh + Lovestoned Summer 2013 Lookbook

Photos: Aaron Feaver
Model: Shannon Roxanne
Styling: Chloe Chippendale

This is the latest lookbook from Sugarhigh + Lovestoned. This brand, and the women behind the brand, produce absolutlely incredible lookbooks. This one "is for the day-trippers, Woodstock runaways, free thinkers, kaleidoscope-eyed wanderers and anyones who's rolled around in body paint."
Can we just appreciate the AMAZING *insert a range of superlatives here* upcycled military jackets that have a range of designs printed/painted on the backs of them? Like hello! Could anything be more perfect for the upcoming Australian winter?! Perfect layering piece. So, which one i
s your favourite military jacket from their new range? Go check out their shop and let me know! 

Friday, 17 May 2013

020 - Cool Waves

(Wearing: Fishnet top, Thrifted dress, belt and boots, Assorted jewellery)

Back again with an outfit, nothing out of the ordinary. You know the deal, "My outfit is thrifted blah blah blah... My face is perpetually angry blah fucking blah..." Essentially I liked this dress with this necklace, the fishnet made me a wee-bit warmer and I figured a pair of shoes were necessary to go outside in. The winter chill is settling into Sydney, and this will probably be one of my last outfits that I can get away with bare legs and little to no layering which is very, very upsetting. Actually who am I kidding? Bare legs 4 lyf!!!
I've been a bit out of it this last week. My birthday has flown by, relatives have come and gone, university examinations are looming over my shoulder, and I think I'm coming down with a sore throat/cold/flu thing (or maybe that is just a sign of exhaustion?!) So, sorry for the whiney post hopefully I'll be a little less shitty for my next outfit post. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Outtake: Turning 18!

 (1. Birthday cake. 2. Presents. 3. Balloons. 4. Signature bear and succulent. 5. Goody basket. 6. Sterling silver turquoise earrings from Wendy. 7. Sterling coral pendant from Grandma and Grampy. 8. Sterling rainbow moonstone earrings from my Uncle and Aunty. 9. Tibetan faux turquoise and coral perfume bottle pendant from my sister. 10. Belt buckle from my Dad. 11. Sterling Navajo slave bracelet from Denis. 12. Sterling Navajo turquoise ring from Ben. 13. Sterling Rajasthani choker necklace from Mum.)

On the 11th of May I finally turned 18! Turning eighteen in Australia is a milestone event (well, at least for my family) as it's when you become a legal adult; you're able to vote, drink alcohol and more importantly, get tattooed. Therefore, I've decided to do a post on my birthday, and to show you guys a few gifts I received from my loved ones.
Over the last year, my obsession with silver jewellery has grown to new heights. Since working at an Indian/Tibetan/Nepalese inspired jewellery store, I've become quite snobbish with the jewellery I wear - wanting it not to tarnish and wanting it all to last forever, so I can pass it on to my future children. Most of my family and friends made note of this obsession, and amazed me by buying me all this incredible jewellery. My absolute favourite piece being the choker from my Mum.
As you can kind of see in my goody basket, there is a home-made gift certificate with my Dad's face on it. This gift certificate had me very, very close to tears. He gave me a return air ticket to India for the end of year!!!!!!!!! *QUEUE SCREAMING AND CRYING*

I had a very nice, quiet day spending it with my most cherished people then eating incredible Indian food for dinner, and having a fun, albeit weird, night out in the city. On that note, I'd love to thank my family & friends (real-life and cyber) for the birthday wishes, and for making my 18th birthday a day to remember. I love you all very much!!

(Disclaimer: I am not bragging in this post, this is simply to show how grateful I am for the gifts that I received, and how appreciative I am that I live in a society where my family and friends can afford to give presents.)