Monday, 29 April 2013

Outtake: Minka Sicklinger

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Howdy folks! Yet again another inspiration post, however a little different from the usual. In the last few days, I stumbled upon Minka Sicklinger on the blog Moon to Moon. Good ole' Instagram helped with the stalking process, and voila! This weeks current obsession. I've always had a love for tattoos, that love growing to phenomenal and almost obsessive heights earlier this year when I got my first (and illegal) tattoo. I turn 18 in two weeks (legal age for tattoos), and I'm now keeping an eye out for designs and works that speak volumes to me - in hope that maybe, I will find an artist that resounds with me.
Minka Sicklinger is a fellow Aussie and artist, now residing in New York. She is currently tattooing out of Eastside Ink in NY - her art and tattoo's "paying homage to our evolutionary selves." This is reflected in her use of delicate lines, that suggest indigenous influences and her love for natural imagery.  She draws heavily from her extensive textile and jewellery collection (forming from her studies and work as a stylist), taxidermy, shamanic art and lots and lots of travel.

So if you have any suggestions for any other artists (canvas/skin/paper whatever) that might inspire and interest me, drop me a comment and let me know!

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