Saturday, 20 April 2013

017 - High Rider

Wearing: American Apparel Sheer Dress, Thrifted Crochet Vest, Boots & Shell Belt, Harley Davidson Hat from eBay, Vintage Shorts and Assorted Jewellery

Finally, I have a new outfit to post! It was blowing a gale outside whilst I was taking these photos and the wind chill factor was deathly but I'm a sook and Australian Autumns/Winters are nothing compared to what some countries experience... Uni study is killing me, so many assignments due in the next 2 weeks which means a few all nighters will be pulled, resulting in a very grumpy and stressed Taylor. If I'm not at university I'm with the boyf, Ben, lazing the days away in bed sleeping or eating or playing Sims 3 together - the pros of a being a lazy teenager.
My best friend, Denis, has finally finished all of his Law exams, and today we ventured into the city to spend a well deserved shopping day together. We headed to Glebe Markets (which were mostly washed out due to the massive amount of rain we had overnight) then to Newtown which resulted in a few small things being bought from this kooky store.
(Photo sourced from @gracecorby on Instagram)

All in all, a very nice day spent with my very nice bestie in very nice areas of Sydney. 


  1. so fucking hot. also i'm envious of your hat!!!

    1. you've made my day ulrikke! *kisses and hugs*

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