Sunday, 7 April 2013

015 - Pastel Poser

(Wearing: Thrifted Crochet Cropped Tank, Boots and Dress worn as Duster, Black Mini Skirt and Assorted Jewellery)

Hey dudes, what's happening? I've had one of the chillest weeks in a long time, I had a whole week off Uni because of Easter. A lot has happened this past week, my dad and sister returned from the States, the new episode of Game of Thrones came out, I went to the Easter Show with my boyfriend, Benjamin and my best friend turned 18 - which is so exciting and scary... These photos were from Good Friday, one of my girlfriends had a drinks and catch up night where I finally saw some of my friends from school which was super nice!
Necklaces, visible bra, peek-a-boo legs and a trailing duster combined all together just makes me feel fabulous and wonderful and cool. Do you guys have outfits like that? That you throw together on a whim and it's just works? Yeah well this is mine. (Lol jks every outfit makes me feel cool) Okay I am going now, I have work in half an hour and I'm trying to do a group assignment as I blog - which is something I do not recommend very highly. 


  1. Been waiting impatiently for this outfit post!



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