Saturday, 30 March 2013

014 - Sturgis Cycling

Wearing: Vintage renewed Harley Top, Valley Girl Daisy Shorts, eBay Harness Boots and Assorted Jewellery

The weather has been completely unseasonable as of late. It's supposed to be Autumn yet I'm still slugging around in my most comfortable shorts ever, then the day after I'm sleeping with my electric blanket on! This is again, another typical uni outfit. For a while I felt like I was loosing my styling oomph because of how much study x travel was consuming my time and my energy but no, I've put my foot down and decided to make a pact with myself. That no matter how tired or pissed off I am, I will always dress to the best of my abilities (however my abilities may vary day to day hahah).
So what do you guys do when you loose your fashion funk? Help a brother out and offer up some advice! 


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