Saturday, 30 March 2013

014 - Sturgis Cycling

Wearing: Vintage renewed Harley Top, Valley Girl Daisy Shorts, eBay Harness Boots and Assorted Jewellery

The weather has been completely unseasonable as of late. It's supposed to be Autumn yet I'm still slugging around in my most comfortable shorts ever, then the day after I'm sleeping with my electric blanket on! This is again, another typical uni outfit. For a while I felt like I was loosing my styling oomph because of how much study x travel was consuming my time and my energy but no, I've put my foot down and decided to make a pact with myself. That no matter how tired or pissed off I am, I will always dress to the best of my abilities (however my abilities may vary day to day hahah).
So what do you guys do when you loose your fashion funk? Help a brother out and offer up some advice! 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Polyvore Playtime: 001

Polyvore: Gypsy Wanderer 

So to break up the monotony of outfit posts, each week I shall be posting one of my polyvore creations.    

Saturday, 23 March 2013

013 - Flower Kid

Wearing: Black Crop Tee, Sunflower Pinafore Dress, Demonia Creepers, Spiked Choker, Fringed Shoulder Bag

Hey, hey, hey! These photos were taken this evening, in my backyard, before I went out for dinner.  The colours are a bit fucked up, some were taken against my back fence others were taken against the exterior garage walls but you guys can deal with it.
It's been a long week, I'm currently attempting to write a philosophy essay and it sucks dick and I'm loosing coherency. On a brighter note, I love this outfit, I feel like a naughty school girl come 90s kid. I think my pigtails and choker just pull every together nicely.
For dinner I went to Newtown to the African Feeling Cafe - amazing food, shitty customer service - with my mum and best friend. It's so cool how well they get along; like nattering old women, gossiping about me and if my dress was an appropriate length or not (duh, of course it is). Hopefully one day I'll feature my bffl, his style is just incredible like I can't even describe in words without doing him justice, just go look at his polyvore:, and tell me how amazing he his... Ugh friend crush forever!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

012 - Prairie Dweller

Wearing: Secondhand Harley Tee, DIY Sheer Embroidered Skirt, 90s Platform Boots, Afghani Lapis Choker

Favourite. Outfit. Ever.
I saved this outfit from my holiday album till now because I just loved it so much and I felt like an estranged witch-daughter living in a Praire farm house or something. I'm wearing little bike shorts underneath the skirt for practicality purposes incase you were wondering, my top isn't long enough to cover my booty. Also, yes they are chocolate stains on my t-shirt because I'm a massive grot who doesn't wash her clothes enough and gorges herself on Lindt chocolate whenever she's given the opportunity. And can we just appreciate how fucking fantastic this lip colour is?! Ok, I'll stop rambling and talking in third person now. 

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Outtake: CobraCult

Photos: Amanda Leigh Smtih
Models: Skye Sengelmann and Tashina Hill
Stylist: Tashina Hill 

CobraCult is an online jewellery store, inspired by relics, mysticism, mysteries of old, and magic of the natural worldThese photos are from their lookbook 'Send a Dagger to the Moon' and holy fuck they are just perfect, like don't you just love the 60s-gypsy-Americana vibe that the stylist (and model) Tashina Hill incorporates into this shoot?! I know I do!

Friday, 8 March 2013

011 - Concho Queen

Wearing: Thirfted Kimono, Black Cotton Mini Dress, Thrifted Concho Belt, Floppy Hat, Harness Boots, Fringe Shoulder Bag, Assorted Jewellery 

Huzzah to my regular blogging attempts! Yet another one of my basic outfits that are worn frequently to uni and through summer. Comfortable, bikie/western-esque and black. Always black. I'm taking the day off uni today; to clean my room, do some homework, watch fucked up documentaries and stalk new people on instagram (@yyelkina - I'm talking about you!!!). These photos are making me miss my holidays and my aunties house and the long, golden afternoons. ~Sigh~ I hate when holidays end and real life begins again. But I'm not going to complain because I only have 10 weeks left of uni till I have an eight month break and my travel plans begin!