Thursday, 28 February 2013

010 - Indian Elephant

Wearing: Mink Pink velvet bustier, Thrifted skirt and boots, Assorted jewellery 

Yeah this post was technically supposed to be a video, but that didn't happen cause I'm lazy as fuck. Uni has begun this week and it sucks. Academic commitment freaks me out big time so I've been in a pretty shit and foul mood, hence the swearing. This outfit, again, was taken on my holiday a few weeks back. It was 38 degrees, my hair was ew and I stunk. These photos were supposed to be 'smiling' photos - to prove to you guys that I can smile in outfit posts (!!!). The only full shot of me is frowning because some twat work men were staring at me whilst I was trying to take nice photos, so I began to frown and blank face them in an attempt to get them to fuck off. It worked.
This is something that I wear on a regular basis just in different variations, it's comfy and makes me feel sexy so whatever, it works for me. Most of the jewellery is new, but if I have time tomorrow i'll upload a video of me talking about it and shit.


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