Tuesday, 12 February 2013

008 - Tiny Dancer

Wearing: Mika and Gala shag jacket, Vintage Harley Davidson shirt, Miracle Eye bellbottoms, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, Second-hand Jewellery

Hey there! I'm back from my brief holiday stint and ready with new outfit posts - YAY! We had a coolish day on our hands and it resulted in this outfit, my coat jacket thing may have been a little unnecessary (the day didn't end up being as cool as anticipated). My bellbottoms are the wonderful handiwork of Larissa (aka Velvet Codeine aka Miracle Eye) and her mum. I ordered them a while back now, and have finally styled them in an outfit that, to me, feels reminiscent of Penny Lane. Like c'mon don't I just belong with Russel and the Stillwater band!? On that note, my favourite scene, from one of my favourite movies (and probably everybody elses too).
Ciao now!

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