Thursday, 28 February 2013

010 - Indian Elephant

Wearing: Mink Pink velvet bustier, Thrifted skirt and boots, Assorted jewellery 

Yeah this post was technically supposed to be a video, but that didn't happen cause I'm lazy as fuck. Uni has begun this week and it sucks. Academic commitment freaks me out big time so I've been in a pretty shit and foul mood, hence the swearing. This outfit, again, was taken on my holiday a few weeks back. It was 38 degrees, my hair was ew and I stunk. These photos were supposed to be 'smiling' photos - to prove to you guys that I can smile in outfit posts (!!!). The only full shot of me is frowning because some twat work men were staring at me whilst I was trying to take nice photos, so I began to frown and blank face them in an attempt to get them to fuck off. It worked.
This is something that I wear on a regular basis just in different variations, it's comfy and makes me feel sexy so whatever, it works for me. Most of the jewellery is new, but if I have time tomorrow i'll upload a video of me talking about it and shit.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

009 - Just Ride

 Wearing: HD tank Top, Thrifted skirt and vest, Harness boots, Caitlan's vintage concho Belt, Fringe shoulder bag

Another outfit whilst on holidays, my friend took these photos in the late afternoon for me and I was tired and cranky as hell so excuse the less than pleased face in the last photo. Nothing special about the clothes I chose to wear, felt like being a motorcycle/desert queen so I became one. Yeah.
Being home's good. I missed my boyfriend and I start university in 2 weeks, so everything is kind of coming together all nicely..
Next post is going to be a video of all the things I bought whilst on holiday, which will be long (because I natter on about shit) but maybe you lot will get some kind of thrill out of watching me talk to my macbook.

Sorry for the lack-lustre post. Tired Taylor = Boring Taylor. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

008 - Tiny Dancer

Wearing: Mika and Gala shag jacket, Vintage Harley Davidson shirt, Miracle Eye bellbottoms, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, Second-hand Jewellery

Hey there! I'm back from my brief holiday stint and ready with new outfit posts - YAY! We had a coolish day on our hands and it resulted in this outfit, my coat jacket thing may have been a little unnecessary (the day didn't end up being as cool as anticipated). My bellbottoms are the wonderful handiwork of Larissa (aka Velvet Codeine aka Miracle Eye) and her mum. I ordered them a while back now, and have finally styled them in an outfit that, to me, feels reminiscent of Penny Lane. Like c'mon don't I just belong with Russel and the Stillwater band!? On that note, my favourite scene, from one of my favourite movies (and probably everybody elses too).
Ciao now!