Wednesday, 23 January 2013

006 - Seven Wonders

Wearing: Vintage lace shawl kimono, Thrifted 90s wrap skirt, Mink Pink velvet bustier, Assorted jewellery from Inspired Tribe and markets 

As promised, another outfit post! Not exactly in the time frame I had in mind, but oh well. These photos were very last minute, after a lovely dinner with my girl, Caitlan, who will eventually have her own blog. In the meantime check out her insty: @caitlan_hammond - it's v-cool.
So the outfit, it was something like 30 degrees celsius at 8pm, and I was drowning in my sweat and slowly becoming delirious from the heat (Australia in the summer IS NOT FUN). So I found whatever looked clean on my floordrobe and threw it on. My kimono thing was originally a poncho I found whilst opshopping but it looked like a table cloth with a head hole, so I took to hacking it in half and voila! Perfect layering piece!

Sorry for the lack of coherency, I'm exhausted from working and I have period cramps that are killing me. So ciao, goodbye, whatever.

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